31 October 2021

Halloween 🎃🎃🎃

Happy Hallowen everypawdy 
Hope you all have a grand evening, although we'll be staying in with mum and dad as it'll be too scary for us pups to venture outside with all the noise

Photo Description:- Boris wearing red devils horns and holding a red trident in his mouth, the background is black with red flames leaping up behind him

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10 October 2021

Eyes on the Prize

Recently we've been working really hard on Eko learning to focus on my face rather than my hands, as I attempt to fade out the hand signals and lures when practicing our Heelwork to Music moves and assistance dog tasks

Photo Description:- A head shot of Eko sitting in the garden looking up at the camera with good focus, his mouth is open slightly and his eyes are relaxed as are his ears

I hadn't realised just how much I move my hands around to lure Eko until I watched a few videos of our training sessions