27 September 2013

Smile it's Friday

Poor daddy had a few complications with his operation hence my missing post last week, "She Who Must be Obeyed" forgot to do it! 
Normally I'd give her a good telling off for such a grave error, but I'll let it slide this one time as she has been a bit stressed out.

I've been keeping Daddy amused and giving him lots of cuddles as he's been in a lot of pain since he got home. Them Hooman Vets are as mean as The Nasty Vet lady as far as I can make out. 
I wonder if the same things happen to Hoomans as happens to us pups **flashback starts** ?

**shakes head to remove the memory**
I love to help getting the pill boxes ready for recycling, as they can't go in the bin whole.
It really is the most pawsome fun :o)

But then a certain someone always has to come along and have a moan about the mess, bet you can guess who I mean? 

Things are slowly returning to normal here at "Boo Boo Towers" for the time being. 
Although Daddy has to go back to hospital soon for another operation which is pawsitively annoying.

Me and Daddy would like to say a massive Thank You for all your lovely messages of support.
 The pain he's in is very draining, but you keep us all strong.

If you've seen something thats made you smile just add your link below and lets get everypawdy smiling.
It's Friday which means its the start of the weekend. 

Badger Boo's Daft Adventures Badger Boo's Daft Adventures
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13 September 2013

Good Luck Daddy

Good luck having your operation today daddy.

I wish I could come to the hospital and keep an eye on those hooman vet's for you and keep you company, but the meanies won't let me.

Don't worry though I'll keep your spot on the sofa warm for when you gets home.

I has my paws crossed and sending you healing thoughts all day.

Missing you

Badger Boo's Daft Adventures

Badger Boo's Daft Adventures

06 September 2013

A Quick Round Up

Hello and welcome its Smile it's Friday time again.

Things have warmed up again over here in the UK, but we've not been out and about very much, so here's a few pics of me in the sun with my spiffing new haircut and a little bit of why my posts have dropped off a bit lately. 

Daddy is in in lots of pain still and is having another operation next week, so it'll be "Nurse Badger" duties for me again.

I'll be giving daddy lots cuddles and attention, also putting my tiny feet in places that hurt to help him on the road to recovery. 

He loves it when I do that, as you know the louder hoomans say your name, the more they love you and want you to carry on what your doing.

Mummy has been busy making stuff for her first Craft Fair in my bedroom, the floor is now covered with these horrid little sticky things, bits of paper and lots of mess all over the place.

They're all in my VetBed and stuck in my ears, although they're out of my ears now cos I's been groomed, but you knows what I mean, just take a look at the state of her desk.

What a mess!!!  **shakes head in disbelief**
You can just see the my VetBed in the bottom left corner, directly in the firing line for the bin **resigned sigh*

 Me thinks she's trying to take over my room and drive me out!

 I will NOT allow her to take over in there, I'm holding my very own Sit-In and I will win cos I sleeps and refuses to move out of her way if she wants to get past BOL

Hope your all keeping well, now lets see who else is smiling his weekend :o)

Badger Boo's Daft Adventures

Badger Boo's Daft Adventures)

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01 September 2013

Silent Sunday