04 August 2022

A Quick Update

 Busy, busy, busy but so lucky to have such amazing friends keeping me sane when everything gets too much

Also not forgetting Himself who's my absolute rock, who never complains when like yesterday a quick trip to my parents house to collect prescriptions and make up their pill pots, resulted in me unexpectedly doing the shopping and having to reassure dad about something he got the wrong end of the stick about, so I didn't arrive home until really late in the evening

Photo Description:- My mum sitting in her wheelchair in Tescos on our very first trip out shopping, she's wearing a blue coat and a poppy facemask

Also Boris and Eko who are putting up with irregular walks that are usually too short, irregular meal times and the fact I come home smelling like another person's dog that my parents (me) are looking after whilst her owner is in hospital