29 December 2015

Moving Forward - Life After Badger Boo

Hello everpawdy, hope you all had a pawtastic Christmas. 
As you've probably noticed I've made some changes to the blog, a new year equals a new start.

Things have been difficult for The Olds since Badger Boo left us for The Rainbow Bridge in August.

Mum hasn't been able to face the blog as it contains so many memories of Badger Boo, she's thought about starting my own blog for me, but thankfully in the end decided to edit this one so she can still look back on the memories when she feels up to it. 

14 September 2015

Where Do I Start?

Looking back I see that my last proper blog post was over 6 months ago now!
Where has that time gone?
So much has happened, but not all in a good way I'm sad to say, I've sat at my PC many times intending to blog, but never got further than a title or the first words of a sentence.

So as not to bore you with the longest post ever about what's been happening, I'm going to break it down into several parts.

The pain from my Arthritis was getting very bad and I was hardly knitting or doing any form of crafting, looking back now I think I was being chased by that big Black Dog of Depression, I couldn't shake the beast off, no matter how hard I tried, so I just allowed myself to succumb.

In June I was scheduled to have my left knee replaced, I was feeling really nervous, having had the right one done last year I knew what was coming. We decided to have a weekend away at East Wittering before the surgery as I'd be laid up for a while afterwards.
First order of the day was to take Boris to the beach as on previous visits he was still on restricted exercise from his surgery, so had to stay on the lead. As you can see he certainly threw himself into having a great time on the beach.

Love, love, love swimming in the sea, much more fun than paddling in muddy puddles :)
Posted by What Boris Did Next on Saturday, 20 June 2015

When we got back to the camper van disaster struck, somehow I overbalanced and fell smashing myself into the rear of the van, I have no memory of what happened, just that the pain in my arm was excruciating!

I was unable to get up because of my dodgy knee not being able to support me and every time I tried to move I screamed out in agony, I could feel the bones moving around inside my arm. I'm pretty sure my language must have been appalling at this point, I've never felt pain this bad EVER, I felt like I was going to pass out at any moment.

Himself had to call an ambulance, as I needed one of those pillow things they pump up under my backside to help me stand up. The X-Rays revealed I fractured my Humerus bone in six places near the top.

 I couldn't wear a cast because of the location of fractures, so had to wear a cuff sling, with my hand up near my chin for six weeks, there was also talk about the very real possibility I would need surgery to repair it.

 Week 1
The photo doesn't do the bruise justice as it was almost black!


Week 3
The elbow and inside of my arm are still black and blue as the bruise travels down to the lowest point, again the photo doesn't show the true black and blue of it.

 To make matters even worse my knee replacement surgery had to be cancelled, I have no idea when that will be rescheduled for again.

At my six week check up the X-Rays were disappointing as so very little healing had happened, I'm still having to wear the sling 12 weeks on, I'll find out this week if any more healing has happened. Its still very, very painful but I do have some movement in it now which I didn't before.

That's just about it for today, I'd forgotten how much concentration it takes for me to write a post and I'm feeling really tired at this point.
I'll update you again in the next day or two.


30 August 2015

My Sunday Photo

My latest new toy, I found it upstairs in mum's craft room, it's a treasure trove of dog toys up there! Badger Boo kept that a secret from me when I wasn't allowed up those stairs because it was his special place.

25 August 2015

Some Sad News

An awful lot has happened since I last posted but I'll tell you more about that in future posts.

Today I have to tell you the very sad news that Badger Boo crossed The Rainbow Bridge last Wednesday morning.

It was discovered a few weeks ago he was suffering with Pancreatitis and he was quite unwell, but with medication he soon rallied and became more his like his old self again.

05 July 2015

Happy 1st Birthday Boris

I'd forgotten how much work puppies were! Boy did you re educate me quickly, with the digging up of my lovely garden, the almost constant removal of slugs and stones from your mouth, the endless trips outside every hour on the hour day and night to potty, it took you weeks to get the hang of toilet training didn't it, where did all that poop come from in one so small?

I was exhausted after one week, had I made a mistake, I was starting to think so! 

24 May 2015

Silent Sunday

15 March 2015

I'm a Yellow Dog

I'm out and about on very short walks on the lead now, I'm still not allowed to play with other pups, so I wear a yellow ribbon on my harness and lead to inform everypawdy I need some space since my surgery.

There are lots of different reasons why some dogs are Yellow Dogs.

08 March 2015

My Sunday Photo

My fur is growing back and I'm starting to look nice and smart again.


06 March 2015

A Lot Has Happened

I missed a couple of weeks.

Not a very successful start to my new job as a Doggy Blogger, but I do have a really good excuse.

A couple of times I've suffered from unexplained lameness in my front leg which as always healed with rest, but mummy decided it needed investigating as there was no reason for me to be going lame.

So off to the vets I went for X-Rays, then a couple of days later mummy gets a phone call that I have to go to Fitzpatrick Referrals for a CT scan as something is wrong.

17 February 2015

Boris Takes Over

Hello Everypawdy
 I'm not too sure what to write as it's my first ever blog post, it's been some time since Badger Boo first introduced me, but you may have seen a bit about me on the Hoomums blog.

Badger Boo has now handed the reins over to me to update his blog, don't worry there's nothing wrong with him, now that he's approaching old age, he's 13 you know, he rarely has any Daft Adventures anymore.

Nowadays he likes to stay at home sleeping on his heat pad, pottering up and down the road and occasionally coming over the common for a nice long walk if the weather is warm enough, so that's why he's asked me to take over updating his blog

Let me introduce myself properly
My name is Boris and I'm a 7 month old Working Cocker Spaniel.
This is what I look like

01 February 2015

Silent Sunday