26 February 2023

Snow Drop Season

Yesterday we spotted an untouched patch of Snow Drops growing wild out on the common

 I love these beautiful little flowers and was so pleased to see that they were fairly well spread out with spaces of empty ground between the clumps of flowers, it meant that I could carefully position the Boys between them without causing any damage to these beautiful delicate flowers

18 February 2023

Has Spring Sprung Early?

Perfect Day

Yesterday we had the most fabulous walk in the sunshine at our favourite place, we've not been there in a while due to one thing and another

We had the whole common to ourselves it felt like and unlimited walking time as I didn't have to rush off anywhere

A leisurely stroll with lots of photos, it feels like an absolute age

14 February 2023

Valentine's Day Unboxing

We love our monthly subscription boxes from the Collar Club, it's been some time since we last did an unboxing of these amazing boxes
So what better way to get back into the swing of it than with this months Valentine's Day themed box

Eko was so excited to be trusted with his first ever solo post of unboxing our Collar Club box, in the past Boris has always been the one to get photographed holding the items,  recently Eko has finally figured out that to hold things

07 February 2023

Jackanory Part 17 - Boris Update

Update on Boris's recent Surgery
I had a couple of unpublished posts I'd started to write but not got around to posting as I've just been so busy with taking dad to hospital for the numerous scans in preparation for his Radiotherapy treatment next week
I opted to write this update in our Jackanory Stories that runs alongside the main blog, as the dates were just so out of sync with  the blog now

30th December 2022

Boris is off to the vets for his Librela injection today, plus we'll be discussing his upcoming surgery as to whether it'll now be as safe as possible due to his heart condition to remove the tumour on his back leg growing on one of his lymph nodes, also the large one that's growing under his ribs as well as two other lumps that felt somewhat strange in texture

If we do decide he's now fit enough to go ahead and remove these tumours, we'll also be getting some x-rays done of his elbows, spine and hips for an up to date picture on the progression of his Arthritis