About Us


We are Boris and Eko we're both Working Cocker Spaniels

I'm Boris the narrator of this blog and an all round fantastic pup
 I'm also an Assistance Dog for mum to aid with her disabilities due to chronic Arthritis and AIH

Eko is my younger brother aka The Golden One who's a slightly bonkers teenager and will hopefully one day be sensible enough to take over my role as an assistance dog for mum once I retire

 We get to travel all over the place with our hoomans and have lots of daft adventures which we love to blog about
This blog was started by my older brother Badger Boo and was originally called Badger Boo's Daft Advetures

Sadly Badger Boo crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2015 and due to mum being so upset it's taken us a while to get back into blogging again


I'm Dawn and I'm lucky enough to be owned by the delightful Boris and Eko. I'm a total Knit-aholic who also loves to create beautiful cards

I used to write the blog Me, Myself and I which is still available to view, it's about my ramblings of life in general, my struggles with disability and anything else I felt like saying at the time, some called me rude, I called it brutally honest.

I was Medically retired from my much loved job because of my chronic pain due to Arthritis three days before Christmas in 2012. 

A nice nasty Christmas Present from the employer I devoted 13 years of my life too

I absolutely love Rottweilers, but I've not had one for many years now due to my ill health, they used to be a massive part of my life and I used to enjoy showing them. We won many prizes and I have even exhibited at Crufts on several occasions