19 August 2021

Throwback Thursday

On this day 6 years ago the worst thing happened that can happen to any dog owner, I was devastated and it took me several days before I was able to write the hardest post  I've ever written on our social media
I had to inform every body that Badger had passed away in my arms and had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I thought we were prepared, but in truth you're never prepared to lose your very best friend

It hit us really hard, even now I'm struggling to write this post, Badger was the first dog we got as a couple, my first Cocker Spaniel after almost a lifetime of having Rottweilers

He was so different from any dog I'd had previously and because he only weighed 9.5kgs he got away with all sorts of things my other dogs had never been allowed too, he slept on our bed and furniture, he pulled like a train on the lead and suffered with fear aggression after being involved in a nasty incident as a puppy
After several years of love and positive training we eventually got him over his fear aggression towards other dogs and he was once more a jolly little Cocker Spaniel called Badger