07 June 2022

The Queens Platinum Jubilee Weekend

This weekend at Dogstival was a very special moment for The Boys and I

Too finally be able to meet everyone from Paleo Ridge face to face, especially Esther and Will who we've got to know quite well over the phone and via emails was just amazing

Photo Description:- Boris and Eko sitting in front of the Paleo Ridge stand wearing their Union Jack bandanas 
Eko flashed those sweet puppy dog eyes of his and everybody from

03 June 2022

Jackanory Part 15 - Glitter Highlights?

I've recently noticed that Eko has developed some white eyebrows and I think they're so adorable. When he was born Eko was a beautiful shimmering light gold with a pink nose and two tone coloured paw pads

A recent photo of Eko the Golden Cocker Spaniel laying on grass and looking at the camera with his tongue out and showing off how his eyebrows have recently started changing colour

At only 4 years old I'm inclined to think Eko is changing colour to a more roan like appearance, rather than going grey because of his two tone paw pad colouring