19 August 2012

Silent Sunday

14 August 2012

Jackanory:- Part Eight

Welcome back to my Jackanory story.

Sorry it has been a while and I left you on a little cliff hanger! If this is your first visit, parts one to seven can be found by putting Jackanory in the search box or going through the archive.

So where were we? 

**settles into a comfy spot and starts to remember**

My Hoomans had just bought a House on Wheels, and were having a massive debate abouts whether or not I would be able to go away with them because of my "issues". I was listening with my paws crossed as I really, really wanted to go.

Eventually it was agreed I could go but I had to be good, no swearing at other dogs allowed.

6 August 2012

Messing About on the River

My gorgeous Cassie came for a visit with her big brother Mr Darcy and we had fun messing about on the river.

I decided to impress my girl, but had no idea the bank was so high, gosh I got a shock!

5 August 2012

Pet Bloggers Hop

I has finally figured out how to link up to the Saturday Pet Bloggers Hop **puffs out chest in pride**

Here's a short video of me going for a Gold Medal in Retrieving at the Doggy Olympics and failing badly BOL.

Happy Hopping

Silent Sunday

4 August 2012

Saturday is Caption Day

Ooooo new Piggies!

Can you guess what I'm thinking?

1 August 2012

Balls, Swimming and Tomatoes

Had the most pawsome adventure in the "House on Wheels" and my hoomans, we went to my favorite beach and guess what?

There was NO rain! 

How pawsome is that, after our last weekend away was plagued with rain.

As usual it was the "Hurry up and wait" scenario, we get there and have to wait ages for the hoomans to get set up **shrugs shoulders and whispers I don't know either** before the fun can begin. 

Come on, I'm BORED!

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