29 September 2012

Bath Time and Parcels ~ Pet Blogger Hop

Oh dear, this week I have had to have three baths, the reason being, I have been testing out the local "Eau de Fox Poop" much to mummys annoyance, I find the whole process quite boring as you can see.

She really doesn't understand my reasons for rolling in it, and I think she must secretly enjoy giving me a bath, she does it so often. I have to humour her sometimes BOL.

23 September 2012

Badger Boo Media Hound ~ Pet Blogger Hop

Hello *waves paw* my name is Badger Boo and I'm a Cocker Spaniel, I'm a little bit naughty so my hoomum reckons.

But I have to say, I think I'm just cute not naughty!

Sometimes hoomums do jump to the wrong conclusions, as any self respecting pup will know!

09 September 2012

Silent Sunday

04 September 2012

My Favorite Toy ~ Pet Blogger Hop

I love my cuddles but I'm NOT giving my ball up. I love it far too much!
Do you have a favorite toy too? I would love to hear about it...

02 September 2012

Silent Sunday

01 September 2012

Puppy Art Critic ~ Pet Blogger Hop

I took my hoomans out for an educational trip last weekend, but I don't think they paid much attention to my critique, they just kept chatting and pointing at things then walking on.

We went to the Sculpture Park in Churt, Surrey. Every time we go, there are new things to see. The weather was warm, but as we were in the woods it made the day just right.

There were lots of secluded ponds, and I was disappointed that my hoomans wouldn't let me go for a quick swim. As you an see the water was very inviting.