30 March 2012

Fox Poop (yuck) ~ I have found the solution!

Fox Poop is thoroughly disgusting, but the sad fact of life is that most of our canine friends find that smell totally intoxicating!!! 

That awful smell just lingers on and on. No matter what you bathe your dog in, there is always the faintest whiff just waiting to catch you unawares!

In our house it has become an almost everyday occurrence with Badger Boo! As you can imagine it is a nightmare to live with (the smell not the dog). I've tried everything, even resorted to washing him with tomato ketchup.

Confuddled Spaniel

I can't reply to the comments left on my posts on my Blog!

I's one very confuddled Spaniel today!

Maybe I should see if I can work out hoomums password.

*thinking* It's not WOOF or BONIO *scratches head in frustraton*

What on earth would a hoomum use as a password?

I's going to have to have a long snooze to think abouts this one, so I be back later.

I still can't post, even as my hoomum!
Does anypawdy know what to do? I can't find it in the help section! *sobbing into paws*

29 March 2012

Me, Cassie and Mr Darcy

An afternoon out with my gorgeous girlfriend Cassie, and her big brother Mr Darcy. 
Being Spaniels we love the water, and where better to play than at the canal, I gets a bit over excited and can be a little bit noisy, but only cos I's having so much fun!

I met my beloved Cassie online when our hoomums became friends, as a result we've met up a couple of times for fun and frolics, usually water is involved, although the last time it was torrential rain, not the sort you can swim in BOL.

It's a shame they live so far away, as I would love to be able to see
my Beloved every day *swoon*

25 March 2012

OMP Busted!!!

Just cos I was unwell yesterday, I got banished to the house whilst the hoomans went out in the sunshine.

How unfair is that?

Well I showed them, I made a huge mess!

I killed my softy football and spread it all about the room BOL

That'll teach them to leave me behind, I don't care if it was only for

Oh Dear!!!!

Yesterday was not a good day, I felt most odd!

Didn't want my Breakfast, turned my nose up at a tripe stick then mummy offered one of my favorite chewies, I took it from her then dropped it on the floor, then walked off and snuggled in my bed with my Chunky Monkey cos he is my comfort blankie.

Me and Chunky Monkey
The hoomans were very worried and there was even talk of going to see the "Nasty Vet Man"!
Cos I never, ever turn down a chewy.

I didn't want to see the "Nasty Vet Man" so made a valiant effort to appear well, and wandered around. But they kept looking at me and discussing a visit. 

As there was nothing I could do about the outcome, I decided to go