25 May 2014

Silent Sunday

02 May 2014

Smile it's the Weekend {21}

Last week I was jumping for joy but couldn't say why.

The reason I couldn't say was, we were going away in the House on Wheels. We've not been away in it for ages and ages, mummy says it's 18 months. I'm not sure what she means by that, it's either a long time or a short time in my head.
I wasn't allowed to say anything as mummy didn't want any "Bad People" to know that the house would be empty for a couple of days.

I was so impatient to get going and wanted to drive, but my silly paws on my silly short legs don't reach the pedals, but I did have the important job of warming up the seat ready for daddy.

Then disaster !!!
The battery was deader than a dead thing that's dead, they only went and put everything back in the car to go home again, I was not best pleased, I didn't want to hear about the hoomans problems, I just wanted to get going!!!!

I refused to get out of the House on Wheels, I wanted to go to the Seaside, I did my best to resist but was picked up rather rudely and lifted into the car.

Oh the humiliation of such treatment!!!

Home we went, then out they went to buy the new battery. Mummy was in shock, it cost £153.60 for a new one. Don't know why they was moaning about it, at least we could go now.

But No;

  I was made to wait until the next day.
Eventually we got to the campsite but it was pouring with rain, all I could do was gaze out the window at the Seagulls, not a lot else was happening.

Eventually the sun came out and I was able to go out and inspect the pitch, it was very wet. Daddy had parked on the road so the wheels didn't sink and get stuck so I had a huge area to play in. 

Whilst daddy set about giving the House on Wheels a really good wash, it was covered in loads of green mould from being left or ages, I took mummy for a walk.

I galloped off to the dog  field, but when I looked around mummy had gone!
OMP I'd lost mummy, why didn't she keep up with me, she knows she must always stay where I can see her now that I can't hear very well.

The thought of never seeing her again was so scary, I started to worry when suddenly I met a lady who said she knew who my mummy was and would help me to look for her, by this time mummy had been missing for about 20 minutes.

We started walking back to the campsite, when we saw mummy coming towards us, I was so pleased to see her, I ran straight up to her and gave her a good scolding for wandering off like that. From now on I think she'll have to stay on the lead in new places as we might not find her next time.

When we got back, daddy had a surprise for me, he'd found a massive Chewy in the garage area of the House on Wheels. Here I am sitting in the doorway so that any passing pups can see just how lucky I am.

After I'd had my Dinner I felt so pooped out with all the excitement, I just crashed out for the rest of the evening.

We had the most pawsome time away, it's just so great to be out and about again.

Hope you all have a pawsome weekend too.

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