05 July 2020

Happy Birthday Boris

Happy 6th Birthday to my Beautiful Boris
When we got you I'd forgotten just how much hard work puppies were!
Boy did you re educate me very quickly indeed Boris
With the digging up of my beautiful garden, the almost constant removal of slugs and stones from your mouth, those hundreds of trips outside every hour on the hour day and night to get you to potty, it took you months to get the hang of potty training didn't it Boris.
Where did all that poop come from in one so small?

I was exhausted after only one week, had I made a mistake in getting you Boris, I was starting to think so, I was struggling badly!
Photo Description:- Boris sitting wearing shiny blue pointed hat and a blue "Its my Birthday" bandana

02 July 2020

A Trip to the Vets

I had to go to the vets this afternoon as mum has been worrying about me, thinking I'm losing weight, that I'm not well and that I need a blood test as I seem unhappy sometimes

Don't panic I'm perfectly fine, but more about that later

We waited outside because that's the rules now because of Covid19, of course me being me didn't want to wait, so I jumped into Paws Up on the window sill and started tap tapping away on the window with my paw **it's a trick mum taught me for when I've finished my ablutions in the garden**