22 December 2013

That Christmas Pudding

The other day I was sooo pleased when mummy came came home with a present for me.  I set about getting it unwrapped as soon as possible, looking forward to my prize inside.

She said it was a Christmas Pudding.
I did thinks that was a bit odd as Christmas Pudding can make doggies very ill if eaten.
Soon as I gets it out of the packet to tuck into, I gets a mouthful of stuffing.
It was a toy one BOL.
Silly trick mummy.

08 December 2013

Midnight Snack Time?

Daddy is the best playmate ever, he really knows how to play good games, unlike mummy who moans when I bark and bounce about too much.

Here he is trying to confuse me, but I'm far too clever for him.

Not bad for an old dog am I? I've Still got plenty of bounce left in me BOL

The hoomans did play a mean trick on me the other day though. We went out in the House on Wheels, the first time in AGES. I got so excited I thought we was going to the seaside.

But No!

We went to the boring old Car Doctor instead, to get the House on Wheels it's MOT. 
Not sure what one of them is, but they is happy it passed.

Apparently it's all legal again after its long rest because daddy has been ill, and I've been promised we will be going away in it again very soon.
 I so miss the seaside and I'm sure daddy would feel so much better after a little trip down to East Wittering and playing fetch with me in the sea.

Gotta go now, as it sounds like it's mummys Midnight Snack time in the kitchen, and there might be something for little old me out there **paws crossed**

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Hope you all have a pawsome weekend.

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