28 December 2014

Bad Hair Day

Sorry it's been such a long while since I last posted, Boris is growing up fast and mummy has been busy training him.

He's a very intelligent young pup and can do several tricks now, as well as learning all about good manners and the usual things us pups have to learn.

The top knot on his bonce has started growing out of control, it's even more impressive than mine now. 


Mummy is itching to strip it out, but has so far resisted the urge as it's kinda cute.

He's now a lot bigger than me but still a big baby. The other day a Pigeon flew up out of the bracken and scared the life out of him.
A Gun Dog running away and yelping in fear at a silly old Pigeon, but at least nobody else saw, it was soooooo embarrassing!

Hope you all had a pawsome Christmas, and Santa Paws bought you lots of toys and treats.
See you in the New Year.

19 October 2014

Found My Mojo

It seems like an age since I last felt up to doing any serious knitting. 
The damp weather we've been having in the UK at the moment plays havoc with the Arthritis in my hands, so knitting is very painful.

I really enjoy knitting Tea Cosies, no longer are they just a functional item, they can be ornamental too. My particular favourites to knit are the style I always remember my beloved granny making and using back in the 60's and 70's, it looks a lot more complicated to make than it is, once you get the hang of it.

I love making fun Tea Cosies too and Owls are another favourite of mine, mainly because I enjoy knitting cables and in the round.

When a friend recently asked me to knit them an Owl Tea Cosy I was happy to oblige but not sure if my hands were up to it. 
I did a little each day and within a week it was done, I was very happy with the result although not entirely convinced I liked the colour, it didn't look quite right on my white tea pot when I photographed it.
I knew Lesley had a Navy Blue tea pot and asked her to send me a picture so I could see what it looked like.

Photo Credit: Lesley Beeton

I loved it.
It's amazing how much better it looks on her pot than on mine
 I'm now on the look out in charity shops for different coloured tea pots, I'd assumed white would be best for photographs, how wrong I was.

In puppy news Little Boris has finally got the hang of house training, it took him a while but we got there in the end. I'd seriously forgotten how demanding young puppies are, Badger Boo was 13 years old last Friday so it's been a very long time since I'd last had a puppy in the house.

Little Boris has completed his Puppy Pre-School classes at The Company of Animals in Chertsey, I opted to go to classes with him as I'm so out of touch with people on the Dog Show circuit, I couldn't find any local Ring craft classes to take him to for socialisation. He's a very bold and outgoing pup and a joy to live with, can't wait to start his next phase of training.

On the last day of the course I found out the other Cocker in the class was actually his litter sister Jessie, so a quick photo opportunity was had.
Little Boris is the big one on the right.

What a small world it is.

There's no allotment news, I've not been down for a few weeks due to the wet weather and it being almost the end of my growing season, I'm not a fan of winter vegetables so don't grow them. In a week or two the never ending digging will begin again.

Hope everyone is keeping well and I'll see you next week.

Stone Pit Crafts

17 October 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my Birthday.
 I know I can't believe it!
Today I'm 13 years old.

I've added a special one off Blog Hop to spread those Birthday wishes to anypawdy who's had/having a Birthday this weekend or in the last 7 days, link up and lets spread those Birthday wishes.

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10 October 2014

Official Hello and Welcome to Little Boris

Did you guess?
I'm sure you did with my Sunday picture hints. 
I've got a brand new baby brother called "Little Boris"

Here he is at 8 weeks old on his very first day with us, he looks so small and cute next to me and my favourite toy Chunky Monkey, sadly Chunky Monkey is no longer with us because Little Boris decided to kill him, he pulled his head off and pulled all of his stuffing out **sobs**

I'm not sure I'll ever forgive him for that crime, he then went on to do the same thing to my other toy Mr Cat, in fact I think he may have killed all my stuffies in the 6 weeks he's been living here.

Boris now has lots of Nylabone toys and a Kong to chew on now and do as he wishes with, any toy I don't want him to destroy lives upstairs with me. 
This'll make you laugh, it did me when I found out.
Boris isn't allowed upstairs or to sit on the sofa with us at night, mummy says it's my domain and it's a good place to escape too when he gets really annoying, and believe me he can be annoying at times. 

Just because I can't see him coming, he thinks it's great fun to grab my ears and play tug with them or to bite my stubby tail with his needle sharp teeth.
 I gives him a good telling off for that, but he won't stop and doesn't seem to have an off button!
Sometimes I just wants to be left on my own to snooze, hence why I have safe places he's not allowed to go too, which is really pawsome.

Boris started Puppy Pre School last week, and did very well by all accounts, I stayed home and slept, I didn't like the sound of that, being surrounded by  even more yapping puppies.

Here he is during the "Settle" exercise watching daddy and watching the teacher, they both had food, so of course he was watching them, he's a right piggy when it comes to food and is always trying to steal mine if nobody picks the bowl up in time.

I've heard people say he's very intelligent as he can already do Sit, Stand, Down and Recall.  
I have my doubts about the use of that word, I mean look at the next picture, he can't even figure out how how to sleep in his bed, he sleeps like this all the time, talk about a Silly Billy! It doesn't matter how many times I climb in and show him, he still sleeps like it.

Every day mummy takes me and Boris over the common for a run, to start with Boris had to wear a safety line in case he got spooked by something and bolted off, he doesn't know the area and sometimes new things might  give him a bit of a fright, we'd hate to lose him if he ran off scared by something.

Ever since I lost mummy a few months ago, I've had to keep her on the Flexi Lead as I can't see or hear where she is and it stops her wandering off. 
You'll never guess what amazing thing has happened on our walks.

Without any training at all Boris has learnt to keep a close eye on mummy, if she gets too far away he gallops after me and comes to tell me all about it.

He then leads me back to find her so she doesn't wander off and get lost again.
How cool is that?

I guess that Boris isn't such a Silly Billy after all.
We hope you all have a pawtastic weekend.

05 October 2014

Mucky Pup

Boris had just had a bath and decided he didn't like being clean, so helpfully started digging the garden.
 I just love his expression and the way he is offering his paw.
He's just too cute.



Silent Sunday

07 September 2014

Silent Sunday

31 August 2014

Silent Sunday

24 August 2014

Something is Afoot!

Hello everypawdy, you may have been wondering where I've been.

 Well, I got sent away to stay with Blue the mad Labrador, whilst my people went on holiday without me!!!

Can you believe it **sobs uncontrollably** I love Blue, but to miss out on a trip in the House on Wheels is unacceptable. Apparently they needed a little break, so they could have lots of late mornings and long days out without having to worry about me all the time.
How rude is that, especially as the first thing they did when they picked me up was give me a bath, they said I was a bit pongy from rolling around in the woods with Blue.

A pup has to do what a pup has to do in the woods.

The best bit about a bath is getting dry afterwards, I just love rolling on my towel.

Since they got back, they've been acting most odd, lots of whispering and looking at pictures with loads of Oooing and Ahhing. I'm sure I've heard the word "Puppy" on more than one occasion, but can't be sure with my silly old deaf ears not working properly.

Not sure why they would be talking about a puppy though? Maybe I've misheard but they are being very secretive and strange, I'm positive something is afoot. I'll let you know when I sniff the bottom of it.

I've got a little bit of sad news, after much deliberation I've decided to stop hosting "Smile it's the Weekend" for a little while, a big thank you to everyone who has linked up in the past, I've met and made some pawtastic friends through our #WeekendSmile.
 I'll still keep writing my blog so don't panic, I'm not going anywhere. At the moment mummy is finding it hard to keep posting at a set time each week.

Hope you've all had a pawsome week and as soon as I know what my naughty people are up too, you'll be the next to know.

11 August 2014

Blood Tests and Policemen

The next Serviceman is almost ready to join my happy band of Knitted Collectables, I know it looks like he's wearing a skirt in the second picture but it's actually the start of his jacket, I thought he looked a bit naked in the first picture.
Can you guess which service he is?

If you guessed Policeman, you'd be correct.
I still need to knit his helmet and the breast pockets, then it's time for the finer details of his buttons, cap badge and belt buckle. It's those fine details that will bring him to life, I always leave the face until last, which I like to think is when he's born.

The Mitred Baby Blanket I started a few weeks ago is very nearly finished, I've just got a plain white border around the edge to do now, I opted for white instead of using the variegated yarn  because

I love the way it has alternated between pink and blue at the sides of its own accord and thought white would be prettier instead of the blue and pink coming our wherever it wanted on the sides.

I made a couple of cards this week from bits out of my odds and ends jar, I used my Big shot to cut out this watercolour Rose I'd painted and stuck it onto an embossed piece of card with 3D foam pads, added some bakers twine and a sentiment with a couple of gems, very pleased with the result for an Any Occasion Card.

I also made some small Thank You notelets from some A5 card I got on FreeCycle, I then coloured in one of my stamps with my watercolour crayons and lightly misted with  it water and stamped.
I managed to get two images from each application of colour, which makes for a very quick and easy way to use up some of those annoying bits of card too large to throw away but too small to do much with.

There's no Allotment News this week, if you saw my Silent Sunday post yesterday, you'll have guessed we decided to go away to enjoy the sun for a few days.
 The weather had other ideas sadly.

 I've not mentioned it on my blog but over the last couple of weeks but I've been feeling strangely exhausted all the time, falling asleep at inappropriate times and wasting a lot of my day just feeling too tired to do anything.

On Friday I rang the Dr and actually managed to get an appointment for that day, there was talk of a possible infection from the surgery (very likely) or a possible flare up of an ongoing medical condition I suffer from (more likely) which has been quiescent for a number of years now.

So off I went downstairs with my form to get my blood taken, the receptionist said "NO" apparently I had to come back another day. I explained the Dr wanted it done today, so I had to wait for 30 mins until she found the time to check with him.

I was right, she was wrong and the blood test was done, results due in later this week.

Just lately I'm getting more than a little annoyed with receptionists giving me bad information.
Like the receptionist in the Physio Department telling me I didn't need physio after a Knee Replacement, when I phoned as I'd not heard from them for two weeks after my operation. 

I got straight on the phone to PALS the patient liaison people. The next day a Physio phoned me apologising for the error, I'd been overlooked, and was given an appointment that afternoon. I was also informed the receptionist was educated she should have connected me directly to the Physio Department, not told me I didn't need physio.

Receptionist don't know everything, even if they like to think they do. if they give you conflicting advice from the Dr's then go higher up the chain to get things done.
It really does work.

Hope you all have a great week crafting, I'll be linking this post to  Creative Mondays and Handmade Monday.


09 August 2014

Intruder Alert #WeekendSmile [27]

 It's bad enough I'm tormented by Stalker Cat, now Mr Toad thinks he can come and go whenever the mood takes him.

When I growl at him to go away, he just sits there looking at me because he knows mummy will protect him.

Doesn't bother her that I'm scared of him.
Oh No!
 "He's good luck" she says, "He's allowed to stay"

It's not fair!
 I've always protected my garden from intruders, and suddenly I'm not allowed to chase this one off. I think I'll have ti start letting Stalker Cat back in, see how she like that when he starts digging up her flowers and poops.
**muffled giggles behind paws**

Hope you all have a pawsome weekend.

Badger Boo's Daft Adventures   Badger Boo's Daft Adventures
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01 August 2014

Nosey Nose Art #WeekendSmile {26}

This week mummy has been playing with her phone, as usual I'm her long suffering model, she's discovered some really cool apps and settings on it.

She particularly loves the Depth of Focas setting on her phone and keeps taking pictures of my nose **resigned sigh** 
I got so bored I went to sleep, but I really likes this picture she took, it's not too shabby for a mobile phone picture.

She also discovered the Pip Camera app that my buddy Miss Betsy was using over on facebook.
You can add all sorts of things to your pictures, I really love these two pictures.

Pup in a Bottle

I love Badger Boo

Who'd have thought you could do things like that, pawsome isn't it!

The other app she particularly enjoys playing with Portrait Sketch, of course I was the model yet again **sigh**

I don't mind really as it keeps her amused and makes her happy.
 Simple things for simple minds **muffled giggles behind paws** 
It's a lot of fun really, just don't tell her I told you so.

Hope you all have a pawtastic weekend.

Badger Boo's Daft AdventuresBadger Boo's Daft Adventures

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25 July 2014

Beautiful Sweet Peas

As I've mentioned before we're a little behind everyone else, even though we started really early this year, we had a massive slug problem due to the floods and wet start to this year. For the first time ever we've had to resort to using slug pellets, not ideal, but it's so disheartening to lovingly grow your seeds into strong seedlings, prepare the ground and then plant them out, then to arrive the next day and find everything had been eaten, week's of hard work amounting to nothing.

But as you can see from the pictures things are really coming along now.

These are my flower beds which are a first for us, but we wanted to attract Bee's, Butterflies and other insects, so far we've seen lots of Bee's and a few Butterflies, g0lad to be doing our bit to help the local wildlife.

Here's our Potatoes, Rhubarb and Cucumbers, we've had several harvests of Rhubarb already this year, the cucumbers have just started to flower even though they're still pretty tiny.

Next on our virtual tour are my Cherry Tomatoes, we have larger ones growing in the greenhouse, more Sweet Peas, Sweeetcorn and  behind that is my Red Onions, one or two of them are huge already.

Himself had just been round with the lawn mower,  the grass was pretty long because of not being able to get there since my knee operation for a couple of weeks, but it's all nice and tidy again now, just the way I like it.

Look at the Size of That! #WeekendSmile {25}

OMP check out the size of this biscuit!
Now that's enough to make any pup smile.

Hope you all have a pawtastic weekend.
Badger Boo's Daft AdventuresBadger Boo's Daft Adventures

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18 July 2014

It's Been a Slow Week #WeekendSmile {24}

Hello Everypawdy
Not a lot has been happening here as mummy is still recovering from her operation, she finds it hard to walk me with her crutches, so I've not been out much this week, it's not my fault she's a slow coach and can't keep up with me.
It's been very warm down here in the South of England, to be honest all I've felt like doing is just lazing around in the garden.
Last night I discovered a Toad in the garden.
 I froze, stared at it and growled but it refused to move, it was blocking my way back into the house
Eventually mummy came out to investigate as I was outside for longer than is usual, she saw Me staring down the Toad and proceeded to laugh at Me. 
After a little while she came outside and just picked me up and carried me back inside, still laughing all the time.
 How rude is that?

Luckily I have my very own paddling pool tray of water in the garden to play in as I please, I used to have a nice big one that mummy had to blow up, but I chewed a hole in it a few years ago and she won't get me another one, she says I'll chew that one too, but I promise I won't.
In this hot weather please keep a look out for dogs whose owners unbelievably still haven't got the message that leaving a dog in a hot car is like roasting a chicken, and will kill us.

If you see a dog in a car on a warm day the RSPCA advice is to call the Police on 999.
If the police are unable to attend, call the RSPCA 24-hour cruelty line on 0300 1234 999 or if you are in Scotland03000 999 999 for SSPCA
(Please store this number on your mobile phone!)

 Please be vigilant, dogs are relying on you to educate their owners and save them!
 Hope you all have a pawtastic weekend.
Badger Boo's Daft AdventuresBadger Boo's Daft Adventures

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