30 July 2021

Using up those Odd and Ends when crafting

We all have them, those little odds and ends we make then put too one side, as they didn't quite work in the project you'd originally made them for. Mine all live in a big Kilner Jar on my window sill, every day they sit there looking at me willing to be used.
This week I tipped out the jar and started sifting through the bits to see what cards I could come up with. I tasked myself not to make any NEW cards until I'd used as least some of these items up.
This Thank You card was a simple one, I'd made the sentiment a couple of weeks ago, but decided it was too large for the card it was intended for. The flowers were a something I was trying out I saw on Pinterest, where you colour the stamps with watercolour crayons then dampen with a water spray and stamp. I dismissed it as too scruffy so into the jar it went so I could use the other side of the card for something else. The sentiment and stamp landed side by side and looked great together, so I dug out some pretty backing paper and bakers twine the card was done

29 July 2021

Jackanory Part 12 :- Love at First Sight

Welcome back to our Jackanory Stories series where you can catch up on the many parts of our life when we weren't blogging, you can search this series at any time just by using the word Jackanory, oddly they come up in a totally random order but they're all there, plus the odd unexpected post that we may have referred to our Jackanory Stories in

Today we travel right back to the beginning of Ekos life, to the very first time mum saw a photo of him at only 24 hours old and fell head over heels in love with him. Back then Eko's name was Wash as he was part of the Fireflies litter

26 July 2021

National Dog Photography Day #nationaldogphotographyday

Today is National Dog Photography Day which was started by our good friend Kerry Jordon of Fur and Fables back in 2018 which you can read about here

Kerry is an amazing photographer and has photographed us on many occasions for various companies and products that she's worked with and needed a nutty Spaniel for. We love working with Kerry as she always captures the most amazing action shots of us, instead of your run of the mill sitting and posing photos

But I digress

Mum takes so many amazing photos of us as well as some pretty bad ones occasionally **roars with laughter** how is she supposed to find that one perfect photo of us to represent National Dog Photography Day, it was a tough one that's for sure

19 July 2021

It's Hot Hot Hot

We're currently experiencing a mini heat wave here in the UK, we don't have them often but when we do so many dogs suffer because of the heat and people not taking it into consideration

Every year dogs get left in boiling hot cars which is unthinkable the suffering they have to endure, dogs are constantly seen being walked during the hottest part of the day on red hot pavements, or out playing Fetch over and over again on local playing fields

It's heart breaking to see and hear about these poor dogs to those of us who are

16 July 2021

Why we love the Vidivet App

Approx 18 months ago we saw a post about a start up app that wanted to help pets and were looking for beta testers, we jumped at the chance to trial it and help to work out any gremlins that may be lurking before it was launched

Vidivet has been designed, tested and built by veterinary professionals alongside other volunteers like myself to improve access and affordability to veterinary expertise whenever you need it

Anything you want to know about your pet they're there for you, I've learnt so much more about Boris's rare auto immune problem with his Staph Pseudintermedius Bacteria from Ben our vet at Vidivet who explained it all in a way that was clear and easy for me to understand

Have you ever noticed how dogs have a real knack of becoming unwell or getting injured at the most inconvenient times, which is usually

05 July 2021

Happy Birthday and Happy Retirement

Happy Birthday Boris

It's hard to believe you're 7 already, the time has flown by, yet we've achieved so much together. Who'd have thought that naughty little puppy would grow up to become the most amazing assistance dog