26 October 2022

A trip into the unknown

I'm taking Boris on a little adventure today to see his favourite vet Tania for a second opinion, it's taken me some time to track her down since she swapped practices

Photo Description:- A head shot of Boris the Black Cocker Spaniel facing the camera with a wall of autumnal dead bracken behind him 
I felt at his recent yearly check up

17 October 2022

Too Cut or Not to Cut

 Decisions Decisions

I really can't decide whether to get my hair cut short again, it's soooo long now (half way down my back when it's wet) it gets really knotty every day and even with detangle spray it takes an age to brush out

Current length and excessive volume when my hair is dry
Once wet it reaches half way down my back 

I can't tie it into a pony tail because of an old shoulder injury which means I can't lift my arm high enough which is so frustrating, on a pros and cons list the only reason to keep it long is so I don't have to endure having a haircut every 4 weeks because my hair grows so fast

08 October 2022

A Day Off - NOT

Saturday morning - and so it starts when the dreaded house phone wakes me from my slumpers before it's even 0800

One day is all I ask, just one day to myself!

A typical type of phone call I recieve several times a day on most days from my mum, the item she requires varies from time to time, but the conversation always takes the same route

Whenever mum wants something from Tescos I'm expected to jump too it,  drive the 10 miles to my parents house, do their shopping then unpack it all once I get back to their house, then drive the 10 miles home again without so much of a word of thanks


Mum - Can you go shopping today?

Me - Can it wait until tomorrow?