31 December 2012

Happy New Year Everypawdy

Happy New Year to all my friends, followers and fans. 

It has been a tough year at Boo Boo Towers, with daddy being so ill and mummy losing her job, we couldn't have got through it without all your fantastic support thank you.

My New Years Resolutions are:-

Get the hoomans back out and about again for more Daft Adventures, 2013 is a new beginning.

  Re-train my hoomans (they have become cheeky and lazy)

Find a really good pile of Ea de Fox to roll in (mummy loves the smell)

Keep jumping smack into the middle of daddy's lap (cos I love to hear the squeak he makes)

Educate small hoomans that dogs aren't scarey.

Take more cuteness naps.

Teach them pesky Squirrels once and for all who is the "Boss of the Woods"

Badger Boo Cocker Spaniel

27 December 2012

The Best Christmas Present Ever

I hope everypawdy had a pawsome Christmas? 

For several years now mummy has been trying to track down my breeder, she moved house and every year she sends us a Christmas Card but never ever puts her address **shakes head at hoomans daftness**

Well I has some good news, we has found her!

Mummy was clearing out a cupboard and found a very old card with an address and phone number on it. Onto the phone she got and it was her, it was Sabine my breeder and they talked for ages!

What a wonderful Christmas present for me, too find out that all my siblings are alive and well. Soon I will get to see some pictures of them all, and hopefully we will all get a chance to meet up again as I haven't seen them for many years.

It will be the greatest "Old Dog, Puppy Pawty" ever (we are all 11 years young now), sadly my birth mummy won't be there, as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge earlier this year which I was sad to hear, but crikey 15 years young was a great age to get too.

As the Old Year draws to a close and the New Year draws closer, my thoughts turn to all the pups that were given as presents at Christmas, and will sadly be too much for their new owners, and get dumped into an already overflowing Rescue system come January. 

How very sad for them, not to have the great start in life that most of us get, hopefully they will find new forever homes very soon.

I hear a whisper at home that mummy is thinking of  getting another dog now she isn't working. She has a passion for older dogs, as pups are far too energetic for her nowadays with here dodgy knee's.

 So it's paws crossed that I may soon have a new friend to accompany me on my Daft Adventures.

Happy New Year.

Badger Boo Cocker Spaniel

20 December 2012

Wordless Wednesday on a Thursday Oops

I've found my Christmas Present **muffled giggles**

Badger Boo Cocker Spaniel

15 December 2012

I Was Sleeping!!!

Mummy is so pleased she has finally figured out how to use the black and white feature on her camera. 

Problem was, I had to wake up to pose for her, as you can tell from my usually happy face I was not overly impressed at being disturbed!

You have to humour these pesky hoomans sometimes just to get some peace and quite.
**resigned sigh**

Can you think of a caption for my grumpy face?

12 December 2012

Educating Mummy in the Cold

As we head out into the garden I realise mummy has the camera out, cool I love my picture being taken.
**does a happy dance**

But hang on a minute, why is she taking pictures of silly stuff and not me? It's far to cold to be hanging around out here for no reason! 

What is she doing? 

She has climbed onto the raised bed! 
That is a definite "No No" I gets moaned at if I climbs up there!

So I barks to tell her off and gets Shhhhhh'ed **thinks** I suppose it is a bit early to bark cos of the neighbours, but how rude! Nopup Shhhh's me without good reason. 
**stomps off in a huff**

Anyway she carries on taking pictures and ignores me, by this time I was shivering and my unmentionables were getting most cold, so I decided to teach her a little lesson and started getting into shot, she wasn't happy, you can see the result here BOL.

Eventually she succumbed and started to take pictures of me at last, so she had obviously learnt her lesson. 

She can be quite intelligent sometimes for a hooman **whispers** just don't tell her I said that BOL .

She decided to be all arty today, and wanted me in the cobweb so I decided to humour her just so I could get back inside and into the warm again.

Think I'll give the photography sessions a miss next time, too cold out there for this old pup...

02 December 2012

Silent Sunday

01 December 2012

Saturday Caption #SatCap

Can you think of a caption for my sad face?

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