01 April 2022

A Split Second Changes Lives

A split second and everything changes, in photos it can be pretty funny like with Eko here, but in life that split second can change everything forever

A Stroke is sudden, a split second!
It changes everything you once knew, not just your life but for your family and friends too

A year ago this month my mum was hanging out the washing then BOOM!
Everything went

27 March 2022

Allotment Adventures

Took Eko to the allotment yesterday and what a clever and brave boy he was

Ever since Eko was a tiny puppy getting him onto our allotment without upsetting him has been virtually impossible, so he's not been down there very often as he gets so very stressed out

To get to our allotment we have to go down a long narrow alleyway, on one side there are approx 8 large dogs of various breeds barking ferociously and throwing themselves at the fence, it's like running the gauntlet every time we visit

Eko laying on grass tucking into a chew held between his front paws with a look of total bliss on his face
Eko laying on grass tucking into a chew held between his front paws with a look of total bliss on his face
Boris has always totally ignored them and we've never had any issues, but

12 March 2022

Dog Etiquette 101

Absolutely brilliant

The other day I was at the local public park not a dog park, but dogs are allowed there. 
We were walking along in a high movement area so I had my dog on a leash.
Another dog, off leash, sees us and starts approaching.
My dog needs her space so we start moving away, but the dog got to us before we could leave. 
My dog was stressing a little so I politely said to the woman
"Sorry my dog doesn't want to play" and ushered her dog away.
Her dog gets the message and moves on.
Quite good, right?

Here comes the juicy part:

27 February 2022

Silent Sunday 🤫

Boris the sitting out on the common in the warm Winter sunshine, he's facing to the left with a happy expression on his face, his tongue is hanging out to one side to cool off after racing around in the Heather

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26 February 2022

Regretting Choices Made

This past few weeks have been particularly tough for me personally, nothing out of the ordinary has happened, except I've been feeling the ominous cloud of the Big Black Dog circling around me again

The biggest change in my life since mum's stroke has been losing my freedom, I used to walk the dogs for many hours out on the common, just enjoying nature and never having to worry about what time it was

Looking up a tree trunk into the sky, with the words "Some days I feel very small" written in white in the lower half of the photo
Looking up a tree trunk into the sky, with the words "Some days I feel very small" written in white in the lower half of the photo
Nowadays I'm always having to watch the clock to be somewhere at certain

20 February 2022

Jackanory Part 14 - Don't Feed the Trolls

Found this old post of Eko as a puppy, when I wrote it I was very angry but decided not to post it and feed the Trolls at the time, hence why it's now part of our Jackanory Stories

OMG the keyboard warriors are out in force again, yet again I've received unsolicited training advice to use a prong collar on Eko to teach him to respect me

There's absolutely no need to train dogs using fear, force or dominance with e-collars, prong collars, choke chains, rattle bottles, discs or any other of the many adversive training methods out there

20 January 2022

Our Favourite Resting Spot

Emma Kate Wheeler
We'll never know
Perfectly placed
For those in need

Her family loved her
To pick such a spot

03 January 2022

Ten Year Round Up

I don't really know where to start with rounding up the past 10 years

So much has happened 

Myself in Blackpool with a Slush Puppy in my hand licking the straw wearing a purple fleece and ginger hair

I was forced into medical retirement from the job I loved 

31 December 2021

Good Bye and Good Riddance 2021

Photo Description:- A head shot of Boris the black Cocker Spaniel wearing a black headband with the words Happy New Year lit up in a bluish/white colour

What an awful year 2021 has been for us as a family

It's been a massive learning curve with many changes in dynamics and everybodies role within our family. Some of which I've blogged about, but a lot of which I haven't

04 December 2021

Christmas Blues

This time of year is extremely difficult, on the outside I'm all smiles and Happy Christmas, but on the inside I just can't wait for December to be over

Photo Description:- Boris the Black Cocker Spaniel and Eko the Golden Cocker Spaniel sitting side by side in our kitchen facing the camera. Boris is on the left wearing his Santa hat and Eko is wearing his Reindeer Antlers

For most of my adult life I've opted to work on Christmas Day and avoid it altogether if I can