31 October 2021

Halloween 🎃🎃🎃

Happy Hallowen everypawdy 
Hope you all have a grand evening, although we'll be staying in with mum and dad as it'll be too scary for us pups to venture outside with all the noise

Photo Description:- Boris wearing red devils horns and holding a red trident in his mouth, the background is black with red flames leaping up behind him

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10 October 2021

Eyes on the Prize

Recently we've been working really hard on Eko learning to focus on my face rather than my hands, as I attempt to fade out the hand signals and lures when practicing our Heelwork to Music moves and assistance dog tasks

Photo Description:- A head shot of Eko sitting in the garden looking up at the camera with good focus, his mouth is open slightly and his eyes are relaxed as are his ears

I hadn't realised just how much I move my hands around to lure Eko until I watched a few videos of our training sessions

25 September 2021

Jackanory Part 13 ~ Liberty

I found this old post in my drafts that was never published
I've decided to add it to our Jackanory Stories series as it was written several years ago about Liberty, a lovely elderly girl we fostered for a few weeks until her forever home was found
I assume she's now probably crossed the Rainbow Bridge, as she'd be approx 17 years old by now 
Liberty deserves to be remembered as she was part of our lives

We fell in love with Liberty even though she wasn't with us for long, she arrived a few weeks after Badger Boo had crossed the Rainbow Bridge, we'd decided to try fostering as Boris really missed Badger Boo, but I just wasn't ready to get another full time dog as Badger's loss was still so raw. It was so difficult when it became time to take her back to the kennels, but it was also a happy time as we knew she had her forever home waiting for her

Photo Description:- Liberty a dark brown brindle Boxer cross laying on some grass looking at the camera, her muzzle is very grey and she has very distinguished grey eyebrows

It's tragic that so many dogs are unwanted in this country because people keep

22 September 2021

Self Care is so Important

Boris says

We're back home after the most amazing holiday and back to walking on our favourite common once more
The holiday was to give mum some much needed respite from caring for her own mother since her stroke in April

Photo Description:- Boris sitting on grass on the common looking very content wearing his grey collar with a rose gold buckle. Behind him in the distance are the trees and a beautiful clear blue sky with a few white clouds

It's been a very stressful time since it happened and has been making mum

16 September 2021

Mum Update

I've been taking some much needed time for myself this week and feel so much better for a few days back at East Wittering with the two crazy boys and Himself

This getting old lark isn't much fun