20 June 2021

Over Shoulder Boulder Holder

Today's post first appeared on the other blog I used to write called Me, Myself and I way back in June 2012, it was by far and away the most popular post I ever wrote back then

I used to write openly and honestly about what was going on in my life at the time, my struggles about being forced into medical retirement after an accident at work, my alcoholism and how it still affected my life as a recovering addict who'd already been clean and sober for nearly 11 years when I decided to start the blog, plus many other happenings going on in my life back then, a kind of diary I guess so I would never forget

I'm re-sharing this post here today after a discussion with one of my Instagram followers about the difficulties of finding a bra that's comfortable for us larger ladies up top whilst offering the maximum support

Since I first wrote this post 9 years ago my writing style has changed a lot, I considered editing it to bring it more up to date with my style now, then decided not too

11 June 2021

It's Finally here

Today's the day, mum is coming home from hospital at last, it's been 8 weeks since she suffered a stroke in the garden

The neighbours children all got together and drew a lovely Welcome Home sign on the footpath outside of their house for all to see, which was a lovely idea, especially as I'd run out of time to make my own banner because of getting the house ready to accommodate a wheelchair

As difficult as our journey has been over these past 8 weeks, it pales into insignificance

21 May 2021

Jackanory Part Eleven:- Meet Eko

Three years ago on the 16th May 2018 this wee munchkin came home with us and we called him Eko 

Photo Credit:- Auriane Whitmore 

Eko came to us with plans to train him as a medical alert dog for my partners diabetes, he started naturally alerting to his dad's sugar level at around 5 months old and was reliably