31 July 2022

Silent Sunday

Photo Description:- A profile head shot of Eko the Golden Cocker Spaniel facing left with his mouth open and focused intently at something off screen

07 June 2022

The Queens Platinum Jubilee Weekend

This weekend at Dogstival was a very special moment for The Boys and I

Too finally be able to meet everyone from Paleo Ridge face to face, especially Esther and Will who we've got to know quite well over the phone and via emails was just amazing

Photo Description:- Boris and Eko sitting in front of the Paleo Ridge stand wearing their Union Jack bandanas 
Eko flashed those sweet puppy dog eyes of his and everybody from

03 June 2022

Jackanory Part 15 - Glitter Highlights?

I've recently noticed that Eko has developed some white eyebrows and I think they're so adorable. When he was born Eko was a beautiful shimmering light gold with a pink nose and two tone coloured paw pads

A recent photo of Eko the Golden Cocker Spaniel laying on grass and looking at the camera with his tongue out and showing off how his eyebrows have recently started changing colour

At only 4 years old I'm inclined to think Eko is changing colour to a more roan like appearance, rather than

29 May 2022

Silent Sunday

Boris sat chilling out amongst the long grass with his head turned to the left, he's also wearing a blue cooling vest as it was quite a warm day


09 May 2022

Time Off For Myself

My Reality of taking time out for myself, is it really not worth it! 

A great weekend was spent at Dog Fest Losley Park - The first day was spent with Himself and the second day with my friend Pippa, of course Boris and Eko came on both days too
Amazingly I didn't overspend and even though I was on my feet all weekend I did OK, but I'm sure feeling it today though, I'm really struggling just getting around in the house

Boris and Eko the Golden Cocker Spaniel sitting on the giant letter D of the display spelling out the rest of the word Dog Fest which is out of shot. All the letters were covered in a green astro turf which looked amazingly like real grass

Then at around midday I heard the sound that I've come to dread, the house phone started ringing and it was my dad, he wanted to go shopping today instead of waiting until Wednesday as arranged

11 April 2022

Bluebell Season

How I love the Bluebells at this time of year, but this year it just doesn't feel right to head out to our most favourite and secret Bluebell location without Dylan, Boris's brother

Dylan sadly Crossed the Rainbow Bridge over Lockdown, I didn't blog about it at the time as it wasn't my place too and I respect him mum too much, but every year we'd go to this location to photograph the Boys together

On our usual walks there are so few Bluebells and they're rarely blue, but the other day we found a very tiny and almost perfect patch, I remembered recently reading

01 April 2022

A Split Second Changes Lives

A split second and everything changes, in photos it can be pretty funny like with Eko here, but in life that split second can change everything forever

A Stroke is sudden, a split second!
It changes everything you once knew, not just your life but for your family and friends too

A year ago this month my mum was hanging out the washing then BOOM!
Everything went

27 March 2022

Allotment Adventures

Took Eko to the allotment yesterday and what a clever and brave boy he was

Ever since Eko was a tiny puppy getting him onto our allotment without upsetting him has been virtually impossible, so he's not been down there very often as he gets so very stressed out

To get to our allotment we have to go down a long narrow alleyway, on one side there are approx 8 large dogs of various breeds barking ferociously and throwing themselves at the fence, it's like running the gauntlet every time we visit

Eko laying on grass tucking into a chew held between his front paws with a look of total bliss on his face
Eko laying on grass tucking into a chew held between his front paws with a look of total bliss on his face
Boris has always totally ignored them and we've never had any issues, but

12 March 2022

Dog Etiquette 101

Absolutely brilliant

The other day I was at the local public park not a dog park, but dogs are allowed there. 
We were walking along in a high movement area so I had my dog on a leash.
Another dog, off leash, sees us and starts approaching.
My dog needs her space so we start moving away, but the dog got to us before we could leave. 
My dog was stressing a little so I politely said to the woman
"Sorry my dog doesn't want to play" and ushered her dog away.
Her dog gets the message and moves on.
Quite good, right?

Here comes the juicy part:

27 February 2022

Silent Sunday 🤫

Boris the sitting out on the common in the warm Winter sunshine, he's facing to the left with a happy expression on his face, his tongue is hanging out to one side to cool off after racing around in the Heather

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