09 May 2021

Bluebell Woofs

Spring is my all time favourite season of the year
Everything bursts into life and the days start to shake off the chill of Winter
I love all the Spring flowers but my favourite by far has to be the Bluebell as it carpets the woodland floor and turns everything into an amazing blue
I hope one day to be able to do the amazing colour justice in a photograph


The British Bluebell is so very fragile and easily damaged that once you find a wood full of naturally occurring and unmanaged wild Bluebells like these in the photo above, then

30 April 2021

Spring Has Sprung

Who else is loving this fabulous warmer weather?
Nothing beats a warm Spring day at this time of the year here in the UK

26 April 2021

Why we love Paleo Ridge

Do you love a Discount Code?

We certainly do and we're pleased to announce that we now have a pawtastic Discount Code for Paleo Ridge which is CZCOCKERS to give you £5 off your order for a limited time until May 9th

We've been feeding Paleo Ridge raw dog food for approx 3 years now when our vet reccomended changing Boris onto a raw diet for his Staph Pseudintermedius skin problem

The Staph Pseudintermedius Bacteria caused so much of Boris's coat to fall out and left him with open sores filled with pus

It was extremely painful for him and he endured over a year of almost daily medicated baths, various steroids and so many different types of antibiotics plus numerous blood and skin tests