31 March 2013

Oops I Done it Again

I got my head stuck in a bag this week, instead of rescuing me immediately, mummy insisted on taking my picture first!

But its ok, she says I wasn't in any danger because she saw me do it.

So let this be a warning to inquisitive pups, mummy's just love taking embarrassing pictures of us pups **resigned sigh**

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29 March 2013

Hard Work ~ Photo of The Week

At last we have got our new allotment, it is huge and runs all the way back to the fence at the end. Today we started the laborious task of digging and weeding it.

23 March 2013

Puppy Humiliation #SatCap

OMP I can't believe it! 
When mummy asked me to model her latest knitting creation, I thought it would be a nice coat for doggies.
 Not a silly bow thing!

Now the humiliation of you choosing a caption too, just because I refused to pose nicely **resigned sigh**

Badger Boo's Daft Adventures

17 March 2013

Silent Sunday

14 March 2013

Ahhhhhh Bliss

There's nothing like napping in the Spring sunshine streaming through the window. Some warmth at last for these old bones.

Badger Boo's Daft Adventures


09 March 2013

Crufts, Past Dogs and Memories

Crufts always makes mummy a bit sad, it used to be the highlight of her year when she had her three Rottweilers Roma, Soldier and Meegan.

She never missed it and always went every year, although it was at Earls Court back in those days.

Roman, Soldier and Meegan never got placed at Crufts but it was just fantastic that they had qualified, as only the best get that honour.

Soldier and Meegan 
Sometimes I think she is a little sad that I was only ever shown as a pup as I never grew big enough to show as an adult, so I never qualified to go. 

Mummy has been to Crufts a couple of times since Roma, Soldier and Meegan crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but she says it's not the same without a dog and doesn't really enjoy it at the NEC.

You may remember that Meegan was my surrogate mummy, which you can read all about in earlier posts


Although by the time I met her she was a distinguished old lady and had lost a hind leg to Cancer, but still young at heart.

I never got to meet Roma and Meegans half brother Soldier as they had gone to the bridge by the time I arrived, but I have heard all about them and I'm sure we would have been firm friends.

Soldier was a Pets as Therapy dog, and one of the first if not the first, Rottweilers in the country to do this job. Very soon his son Marco joined him too and they visited our local hospital together for many years.


Roma was a special lady and mummy says she was a once in a lifetime dog, although I did think that was me. She saved mummys life by preventing her from walking down a path in the woods, she kept blocking mummys way and pushing into her every time mummy told her off and tried to get around her.

All of a sudden there was a massive cracking noise, a massive branch crashed down through the trees, and landed right where mummy would have been if Roma hadn't been so clever about stopping her.

Mummy was 8 months pregnant at the time so Roma saved my hooman brother too, I wish I could have met her and shook her paw for being so clever.

So tonight I will be sitting on mummys lap watching Crufts, gazing at all the beautiful ladies and getting over excited when the Flyball comes on. 

Because I don't need to go to Crufts to know 
that I'm a Champion.

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06 March 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Why does mummy think this sort of behaviour is acceptable? 
**resigned sigh**

Badger Boo's Daft Adventures

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03 March 2013

Black and White Sunday

There's nothing like a good roll to scratch that itch...

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02 March 2013

Mirror to The Soul ~ Photo of The Week

Team Lloyd