20 April 2024

Round up catch up

Although we've been AWOL for the past couple of months I had started writing several posts but never got around to finishing any of them, so I thought what better way to bring you up to speed than to put a few short posts together in one longer post for a quick round up-catch up as I sit here in A&E at the Royal Surrey County Hospital with my dad in the wee small hours 

Unfortunately my dad took a tumble earlier today and dislocated his hip, we had hoped that was all it was as the paramedics took him off to hospital, but x-rays revealed a fractured hip and dad needs surgery to fix

As I post this I'm currently waiting to see the Doctor for more information the information my dad gave me is very sketchy because of his Alzheimer's, he'd already been x-rayed and told he needed surgery before I even got to the hospital in my car, soon as I know more I'll update you


Jan 24
Boris knows he's handsome and is always camera ready, which is really lucky after a long old day at the eye clinic with my dad yesterday

The worst part by far though was the 90 minutes it took us to get out of the hospital car park and onto the A3 due to the sheer weight of traffic also trying to exit the

19 April 2024

Sorry we've been AWOL

Apologies we've been so very tardy about posting recently, the truth is I've been really struggling with my own mental health for the past couple of months

Something happened which made me realise that all was not well in my world and that I couldn't ignore it anymore when I hadn't been in to check on my parents for three days

They weren't totally abandoned as mum has carers that come in first thing each day to help her get washed and dressed, but I just couldn't face another day trying to cope with these two strangers who look like my parents and live in their house, but aren't the people they once were

Nothing prepared me for becoming my parents caregiver, it was forced upon me because I'm the only one near enough to do it. My life has been turned upside down and my own health struggles make things really difficult as I never get the time to just stop and rest up for a few days

 I'm absolutely exhausted with the constant worry