31 May 2012

I've got friends in low places

This pawsome video was made by my good buddy Vern the Great Pyrenees and his mummy helped a little bit too.

Vern is my big furry facebook buddy.
How many times did you spot me?

27 May 2012

Lost and Found

OMP I'm soooooo pleased I've found my lost Piggy!!!!

Me and Piggy have been together for many years and sometimes I like to take him out on walks with me, then a few months ago I lost him *sobbing uncontrollably*. We had just come back from a walk and found he was missing!

Photo on 2012-05-26 at 15:53.jpg
Now I've found him I'm not letting go again!!!

Sadly mummy hadn't been doing her job properly, she didn't pick him up when I put him down, I seriously considered sacking her as my P.A. at the time I was so upset!

25 May 2012

Don't Cook Your Dog

Don't Cook Your Dog sounds terrible doesn't it?

But people are still leaving dogs in boiling hot cars!

We have just had three very hot days, with more to come over the weekend. 

Photo Credit

Cars get very hot, very quickly, and the effect on a dog trapped in a car is like putting your Sunday Roast in the oven. The dog is quite literally cooked alive, it is a horrific and painful way to die! 

There is a misconception that if you leave a window open then it's ok. It isn't, it makes no difference at all!

20 May 2012

Jackanory:- Part Four

OMP it's been a while since my last Jackanory Story where was I *thinking hard* 

Oh I remember my new hoomum had put a nasty collar and lead on me!


What a clever pup I was...

 I had learnt not to fight the collar and lead, if I sat there doing nothing then it was nothing to fear.

Then I got a shock, I was going to have to learn to walk nicely with this nasty contraption on!

School had started!!!

I could smell something very nice and wanted to follow it, but how
could I be expected to do anything with this nasty thing round my neck?

I sat for a while thinking about how to get the lovely smell

08 May 2012

In The Doghouse!!!

Wow, it's great to be out and about on my normal walks again!

The sun was on my back, I was busy playing with my friends, and then I found it, can you guess??


It was the biggest, stinkiest pile of Fox's Poopy EVER!


Not only did I get it on my neck like usual, I was covered from nose to tail, and I smelt great as did all my friends, as we all had a celebration roll as I'm back to normal walks. We all had the most pawsome time.

When hoomum came in from work I knew I was in the doghouse, she always screws her face up when I smells so good, and gives me

06 May 2012

Rest, Rest and More Rest

Ever since my foot got infected I's had to stay at home with Himself, no walks or rough-house games allowed. How unfair is that?

Gosh I's been one very bored pup!!!

Guess I'll just lay here then * bored sigh*
Hoomum played lots of fun mind games with treats, and I have learnt all sorts of new tricks, like finding my biscuit under a cup *easy peasy* and searching the house for various items *not always so easy* but it's not the same as getting out and about, catching up with everypawdy.

After a couple of days of my forced imprisonment, Stalker Cat decided to start tormenting me by walking along the top of my fence! *my fence NOT his* so when I rushed out to give him a piece of my mind, I got in trouble for running! 

The whole time he just sat there laughing at me, and I's thinking "One day soon boyo, I'm gonna knock you off my fence, you won't be laughing then, will you? *muffled giggles behind paws*

As the days wore on, I had to find my own fun. One day Himself had to go out, and I found hoomum had left some lovely rolls of soft tissue on the bed in my room *yep I has my own room with a hooman bed in it*. They were just sitting there, asking to be played with, so of course I had to oblige, cos it would have been rude not too. So I set about doing my very own unique style of interior design.

By the time I had finished, the whole of my room and landing looked like there had been a snowstorm, but of course it wasn't as cold, and the place looked like a Wonderful Winter Wonderland.

 When hoomum got home, I crept downstairs to meet her, and somehow she knew I'd been up too something, *thinking* how does she do it, she always knows?

But I don't think she was overly impressed with my efforts, as she got the loud sucky monster out of his cupboard, and let him eat it all up. I hate him, he always eats the bits on the floor, and I think he even steals any tasty morsels I may have missed after one of my regular bin raids.

Who me? I've been nowhere near the bin!

Thankfully my enforced imprisonment is now over, and I's back out and about again, and taking it very gently *yeah right* BOL