19 July 2012

Pin-Up Puppy

Yesterday mummy came home with a brand new Red Collar for me. I think it makes me look very smart and dapper **does a twirl in front of mirror** Hope the ladies can keep their paws to themselves when the see me in it BOL. 

Gosh I'm Handsome
I think it shows my Help for Heroes tag off very nicely.

Some of you may be wondering why such an old pup as myself has a bright new collar?

14 July 2012

Jackanory:- Part Seven

Hello my pawsome followers, sorry it's been so long since I last updated my Jackanory Story but I's had to think very hard abouts how to write this latest installment. 

As you may remember in Part Five, something terrible happened to me and my surrogate mummy Meegan which terrified me so much I didn't want to go outside for walks.

**finds a comfy position and starts to remember**

Several days after Meegan crossed The Rainbow Bridge mummy felt up to taking me for a walk and re-starting my training again. It was very strange to be walking down the road just the two of us, I had no big black shadow to follow, and I felt very exposed and a bit

Saturday Caption #SatCap


11 July 2012

RIP Lennox

What an awful world we live in when a dog can be destroyed that has done nothing wrong, but because a tape measure says he is a Pit Bull he is deemed to be a dangerous dog and destroyed.

Breed Specific Legislation needs to end, a dog should be judged on it's deed not it's breed.

Join the fight to end BSL with DDA Watch on facebook or on their website this can not be allowed to continue.

So many dogs have died because of this flawed legislation, it isn't working!

Tributes to Lennox can be left here.

RIP Lennox 

You're safe now you've crossed The Rainbow Bridge

10 July 2012

Rain Didn't Stop Play for Long

Just had a very wet weekend away with the hoomans, we were late getting away as the house on wheels had something called a puncture and the wheel was flat. I was going to help daddy fix it, but he seemed to have everything under control, with a noisy box that blew the tyre up and mended the puncture.

He can be pretty clever for a hooman my daddy, he always sorts any problems out to do with my transport whilst me and mummy supervise what he is up too.

Although this time, I decided I'd be better off inside and out of the rain, so I was ready for the off when things were finally sorted out.

04 July 2012

A Small and not very Daft Adventure

Good golly gosh I had a fab time out with my hoomans at the weekend, my supervsory skills were required to ensure things ran smoothly, as I was keeping an eye on them at a fete.

There were lots of dogs and people to meet and greet, here is just one of the handsome fellows I met.

I didn't have much time for socialising as I had important supervising things to do.

The first was to get the stall set up, as Himself and his friends are Community First Responders and were doing First Aid for the event. Himself also makes up kids with fake wounds to raise funds for new equipment.