30 June 2012

A Puppy's Guide to Camping

Now Himself is feeling lots better since his operation it must be nearly time to go away in our House on Wheels, it seems so long ago since we last had a trip away in it.

As it has been so long I had better give Himself some reminders of what needs doing when we gets on site. Cos these hoomans are rubbish at remembering stuff.

First things first, make sure my bed is in a comfy spot,  although I only uses it during the day because if I whines enough...

Look where I get to sleep, you have to climb a ladder to get to the

Saturday Caption Day

Look what mummy did to my Chunky Monkey *sob*

Can you think of a caption?


26 June 2012

Jackanory:- Part Six

Mummy found some of the very few precious pictures taken of me and Meegan.

Thought you would like to see what a beautiful girl she was. These pictures were taken a just few days before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

We had both just had a bath and been rolling around in the garden, hence why we are all wet.

Ronpaula Bright Ellasbabe
April 1990 - May 2002

23 June 2012

Saturday is Caption Day

There's danger lurking in the Surrey woods today!!!

Are  you brave enough to think of a caption?

22 June 2012

Guest Blogger

 So pleased to be invited back for another Guest Blogger at Christmas Pie Crafts, thank you so much Jill, what a great honour for this small pup.
 Hope you enjoy it too.

Good golly gosh this has been a hard one to decide what to write abouts, I have so many stories and daft adventures, but my puppy mind is a total blank, because at the time of writing this, daddy is most unwell at the people vets...

So I thinks I will tell you abouts the worst night of my little life EVER! 

20 June 2012

Jackanory:- Part Five

Good golly gosh, sorry it's been so long since I last updated my Jackanory Story, so much has happened here that my fluffy paws haven't touched the ground, but today is not the day to tell you. 

Today is all abouts the Jackanory Story.

*finds a comfortable position and starts to remember*

I had just started to leave he house with my mummy and Meegan, learning to enjoy life outside in the big wide world.

There was so much to learn, like coming when I was called, not pulling on the lead and how to be a polite young pup with excellent manners. Life was good and I couldn't have been happier.


One day when I was 6 months old, something very nasty happened, it terrified me so badly, that I forgot about my nice manners and how to be polite, in fact it ruined my life for several years.

Meegan was attacked by another dog, it was a full on viscous attack by a Springer Spaniel, because she was very old with only had three legs she fell over and was unable to defend herself, I was trapped under 2 fighting dogs. I was terrified and tried to get away, but as we were both on the lead and tangled up I wasn't able too! 

My hoomum managed lift the Spaniel off us by it's collar, but it wouldn't let go of Meegan, I managed to get away, and mummy and daddy were trying to get this dog to let go of Meegan.

They managed to separate them, and poor Meegan was covered in loads of blood and had several nasty deep bites! By this time the owner of the Spaniel had arrived on the scene, and was shouting at mummy because of the way she had pulled the dog off Meegan.

Mummy said some very rude words to the dogs owner **which as a pup I'm forbidden to repeat** about how they should keep a dog that fights under control at all times. The owner also said lots of rude words too, and was shouting about how Meegan must have started it because she was a Rottweiler, she then stormed off with her dog.

Me and Meegan were both very shaken up, and had to go straight to the vets for Meegan to get checked out. Luckily her injuries weren't as severe as first thought, which was very lucky.

The next day Megan became very ill, it was so scary for me as a young pup, she couldn't stand up,  her eyes were rolling seemed to disappear inside her  head. The Vet came to our house to see her, she had suffered a massive stroke and sadly it was time to let her cross the Rainbow Bridge.

OMP I was sooo very upset, she was my bestest friend and my surrogate mummy, I was still only a baby myself. I cried and cried with my people, we all missed her so much, but the big question was:-
 Did she have the stroke because she was old? 
Or because of what happened the previous day?

Un-beknown to anypawdy at the time, I was badly scarred by what had happened the day before, and it would take several years to get back to being the adorable Badger Boo everypawdy knows today.

To be continued:-

16 June 2012

9 June 2012

Saturday is Caption Day

Playing on the beach. 

Can you think of a suitable caption? I look forward to seeing how your minds work lol


1 June 2012

Guest Blogger

I was invited to be the Guest Blogger at Christmas Pie Crafts I feel humbled, as the previous Guest Bloggers have been of such a high standard, thank you so much for the opportunity Jill.

The post was about Badger Boo's Daft Adventures with the bike and his "Walky Dog" 

The following  video is not of Badger Boo, as I can't video him and ride a bike without falling off lol

I've got friends in low places

This pawsome video was made by my good buddy Vern the Great Pyrenees and his mummy helped a little bit too.

Vern is my big furry facebook buddy.
How many times did you spot me?

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