21 May 2021

Jackanory Part 11 :- Meet Eko

Three years ago on the 16th May 2018 this wee munchkin came home with us and we called him Eko 

Photo Credit:- Auriane Whitmore 

Eko came to us with plans to train him as my assistance dog and a successor to Boris, but he started naturally alerting to his dad's sugar levels at around 5 months old and was reliably

16 May 2021

A Rough Month

My mother has been in hospital for the longest month ever since she was admitted on the 16th April having suffered a stroke 

The hardest and most frustrating part for both us as a family and mum, is the fact that nobody can visit her due to the Covid restrictions in place at the hospital

Boris has been my absolute rock during this difficult time, my anxiety is back big time trying to keep on top of everything as well as dealing with my own health issues and pain

09 May 2021

Bluebell Woofs

Spring is my all time favourite season of the year
Everything bursts into life and the days start to shake off the chill of Winter
I love all the Spring flowers but my favourite by far has to be the Bluebell as it carpets the woodland floor and turns everything into an amazing blue
I hope one day to be able to do the amazing colour justice in a photograph


The British Bluebell is so very fragile and easily damaged that once you find a wood full of naturally occurring and unmanaged wild Bluebells like these in the photo above, then

01 May 2021

Mud + Rain = Happy Cocker Spaniels

Lets get another Cocker he said, it'll be fun he said

But seriously don't get a Cocker Spaniel if you haven't got a really good sense of  humour about mud and bad smells
Especially fox poop

Don't get me wrong Cockers are fantastic dogs, but oh my crikey they do love to put your devotion to the test with their love of all things filthy and disgusting