31 May 2013

Thanks Daddy

Sometimes when your as small as me, you need a stepping stone to see out of the window in the house on wheels.

It also doubles up as a comfy bed too. 

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Me, Myself and I

29 May 2013

I've Gotta Rest **sigh**

I'm soooooooo BORED!!!

Yesterday I jumped off the hoomans bed and yelped loudly waking mummy up. Turned out I'd landed badly and was limping all day, this morning it's not so bad and I can weight bear.

As a result I'm on three days rest, no walks, no galloping about like a pup and worst of all no rough house games with daddy.
My brain is fit to explode with boredom. 

Hopefully it's just a little strain, cos if I'm still limping Friday I have to go and see that Nasty Vet Person, that's a place I definitely don't want to go too, especially after last time.

So it's paws crossed and I'll try my hardest to be good and rest, but it's so hard when all I want to do is run about and play all the time.

Badger Boo's Daft Adventures

24 May 2013

Fun and Games

For my Birthday Himself treated me to a Photographic workshop run by Robert Barclay.
We had an awesome day and learnt so many new techniques. Himself got a little bored with the usual poses everyone was doing, so put his own spin on it, I was on continuous pictures so it worked pretty well.
For this to work properly you need to scroll through all the pictures really really fast, I've NOT used the full 42 pictures I took of this sequence, but pretty sure I have picked the best ones to give the effect of what he was up too.

Hope you found it as funny as we did. 
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Smile it's Friday

Morning everypawdy
 Sorry I'm a bit late posting this weeks post. 
We had loads of people round last night.
 I spent most of the evening running round getting cuddles and fuss, it was fun, but boy am I pooped out today. 
Think I'll just chill out here all day.


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19 May 2013

Silent Sunday

18 May 2013

Watching You Watching Me

16 May 2013

Mud, Mud Glorious Mud

Earlier this week I had a trip to the Groomers. I likes to look smart as you know, but they always insist on giving me a bath, which is so mean! It makes me smell all horrid and clean which is so embarrasing when I meets other pups out and about. 

My mission in the days after the Groomers is to regain my dignity and smell, plus it's so annoying when mummy keeps sniffing my bonce telling me how gorgeous I am, I already know that!

Mission accomplished within 48 hours **does happy dance**

Chest deep in the mud and sand by the canal and feeling more like my normal self again.
Yep I'm a Stinker :o)

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Now let's see who else is smiling today :o)

Me, Myself and I

14 May 2013

Blowing My Own Trumpet

Yesterday I had a trip to the groomers which was long overdue as the Winter cold just wouldn't go this year. Mummy always lets me grow my coat in the Winter now I don't go to shows anymore, she says it doesn't matter what I look like. Of course I beg to differ, I like to look my best at all times for the ladies

OMP delete delete, what if my Cassie reads that last line I'm gonna be in sooooo much trouble! 
Oh crikey it won't go!
**races around in a panic**

Came out this morning for my photo shoot, sounds better than pictures in the garden don't you think? It was freezing, so I reluctantly posed for a few photo's before I shot back indoors again.

Now brace yourselves ladies, because I am looking very dapper, all ready for the Summer. The only thing missing in this picture is The Sun!
 What's happened to it I want to know? 

Your probably sitting there thinking " But you look as handsome as ever Badger Boo." Which of course you would be right to think, but check out my before and after shots.

Before:- Talk about a bad hair day!
After:- Well Hello Handsome!

What do you think then, definitely a better look? Although check out the top of my bonce, them pesky grey hairs are really coming through fast now. It's bad enough my luscious black ears and muzzle started going grey a few years ago, but the top of my head is too much **resigned sigh then thinks** I wonder if  'Just for Men' works on dogs too?

Oh No, I'm getting really grey now :o(
Right enough of this posing lark now mummy, lets get back into the warm, I'm freezing my unmentionables off here!

Come on it's freezing around the umentionables, I Demand to be let in NOW!!!
Look I've made another start on my Nose Art that you callously washed off the window the other day. 

That'll teach you for taking naked pictures of me without my collar on **muffled giggles behind paws**

Badger Boo's Daft Adventures

10 May 2013

Oops Hello Mummy **gulp**

I don't know about you, but I find there's nothing quite as satisfying as a successful Bin Raid. All those lovely goodies hoomans don't want, put in there just waiting for me to come along and investigate.

As any pup knows success is all about enjoying those goodies, but NOT getting caught in the process. Normally I'll lay in my bed whilst she surveys the mess, trying to convince her with my eyes that Stalker Cat broke in again and did it.
I'm pretty sure she falls for it every time **muffled giggles behind paws**

Oops Hello mummy **gulp**
So getting caught running around with the evidence jammed on my snozzer when she came home, was most definitely not my finest hour!

Badger Boo's Daft Adventures

Now lets see who else is smiling today :o)

02 May 2013

Smile it's Friday


The warm weather is here at last, with means trips to the seaside again. 
I sure am one happy puppy.

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