31 December 2020

Happy New Year

Wishing all our friends and fans a happy New Year

2020 has been the strangest of years for everypawdy and very stressful with Covid19, Lockdown, no meet ups and very few adventures

We've all lost or know somepawdy that's lost either friends or family to this deadly virus, it's been a very bad year and we're sure we're not alone in wanting say goodbye and good riddance to 2020

17 December 2020

December Collar Club Box

Good Morning all and what better way to start our Christmas blog than with a review of our Christmas Collar Club subscription box

We've been getting a Collar club box every month for about two years now and absolutely love them, so much so that we jumped at the chance to become Brand Ambassadors because it's a small business with the ethos and ethics that we believe in.

Each  box contains a variety of items which includes a selection of natural and ethically sourced dog treats and chews, plus a sustainable toy, they often also include other items such as natural grooming products, accessories or other sustainable goodies

09 December 2020

Dental Problems Galore

Sadly I had to have two teeth extracted yesterday, I've never known so much pain the day after a tooth extraction before, my jaw is in agony and I can barely open my mouth! I swear this NHS dentist had no idea how to extract teeth, it took him nearly 30 minutes to get them both out and it felt like he was physically dragging my jaw all over the place!

How I miss not being able to afford private dental care anymore. Now there's no more crowns, no more implants and no more quick and relatively painless tooth extractions,  in fact there are no more options at all except fill it or pull itI love the NHS and everything it stands for, I have so much to be grateful to them for, but their dentistry does leave a lot to be desired!

The school dentist ruined my teeth as a child by doing giant fillings, in my 20's the surrounding teeth started breaking away from these giant fillings, which in turn started me on a 12 year journey of excruciatingly painful dental problems and dental abscesses

30 November 2020

Jackanory Part 10:- Where has the time gone!

I can't believe I'm 6 years old and it's been 5 years since we dropped off the face of the blogging world after losing the star of our blog, my little big brother Badger Boo who originally started this blog by telling tales of his daft adventures

Photo Description - Boris a black Cocker Spaniel sitting sitting on old suitcases looking at a typewriter, with his paws in the typing position

08 November 2020

Silent Sunday

Photo Description:- A close up of autumnal leaves still hanging onto the branches of a tree

07 November 2020

Wet Start to November

WOW what a wet start we've had to November!
Not that we mind being spaniels of course, but mum isn't a fan of  the wet weather at all **muffled giggles behind paws**

a s
Photo Description:- Boris and Eko standing wrist deep in a dark mucky puddle wearing their green wetsuits, Boris is in the foreground with Eko behind him

31 October 2020

Happy Halloween

Hello everypawdy, apologies for our long absence yet again but we are back and firing of all cylinders, we have several exciting posts in Drafts that we're excited to show you and bring you up to date with what's been happening and why we've been away

Photo Description:- Boris sitting in the garden wearing red devil horns and a spiked tail
he's also holding a red Trident in his mouth

05 July 2020

Happy Birthday Boris

Happy 6th Birthday to my Beautiful Boris
When we got you I'd forgotten just how much hard work puppies were!
Boy did you re educate me very quickly indeed Boris
With the digging up of my beautiful garden, the almost constant removal of slugs and stones from your mouth, those hundreds of trips outside every hour on the hour day and night to get you to potty, it took you months to get the hang of potty training didn't it Boris.
Where did all that poop come from in one so small?

I was exhausted after only one week, had I made a mistake in getting you Boris, I was starting to think so, I was struggling badly!
Photo Description:- Boris sitting wearing shiny blue pointed hat and a blue "Its my Birthday" bandana

02 July 2020

A Trip to the Vets

I had to go to the vets this afternoon as mum has been worrying about me, thinking I'm losing weight, that I'm not well and that I need a blood test as I seem unhappy sometimes

Don't panic I'm perfectly fine, but more about that later

We waited outside because that's the rules now because of Covid19, of course me being me didn't want to wait, so I jumped into Paws Up on the window sill and started tap tapping away on the window with my paw **it's a trick mum taught me for when I've finished my ablutions in the garden**

23 June 2020

Yes We're Back

Welcome to our new and updated blog, I'm so sorry it's been left so long since our last posting, so much has happened and I can't wait to tell you all about it.

First let me introduce you to Eko, like me he's a Working Cocker and he's the crazy part of our new blog name, mum is convinced he's Badger Boo reincarnated

Photo Description:- Eko and Boris sitting side by side in town 

13 April 2020

Being Disabled during Lockdown

As a disabled person with an autoimmune disease I can't walk very far to get to somewhere isolated to exercise Boris my assistance dog, driving for five minutes to the nearest common to allow Boris to get out of the house for some downtime and too switch off from working is an essential trip out, both for his wellbeing and mine

I can't have a dog walker due to the high risks and myself being in self isolation, now that all the car parks have been closed onto the commons Boris can't have that one trip out a day we're allowed for his exercise so that he can have the time to switch off, sniff and run that is far enough away from people to enable me keep myself safe from Covid19, the local field is an unsafe option as everybody else is walking their dogs there