31 December 2020

Happy New Year

Wishing all our friends and fans a happy New Year

2020 has been the strangest of years for everypawdy and very stressful with Covid19, Lockdown, no meet ups and very few adventures

We've all lost or know somepawdy that's lost either friends or family to this deadly virus, it's been a very bad year and we're sure we're not alone in wanting say goodbye and good riddance to 2020

17 December 2020

December Collar Club Box

Good Morning all and what better way to start our Christmas blog than with a review of our Christmas Collar Club subscription box

We've been getting a Collar club box every month for about two years now and absolutely love them, so much so that we jumped at the chance to become Brand Ambassadors because it's a small business with the ethos and ethics that we believe in.

Each  box contains a variety of items which includes a selection of natural and ethically sourced dog treats and chews, plus a sustainable toy, they often also include other items such as natural grooming products, accessories or other sustainable goodies

09 December 2020

Dental Problems Galore

Sadly I had to have two teeth extracted yesterday, I've never known so much pain the day after a tooth extraction before, my jaw is in agony and I can barely open my mouth! I swear this NHS dentist had no idea how to extract teeth, it took him nearly 30 minutes to get them both out and it felt like he was physically dragging my jaw all over the place!

How I miss not being able to afford private dental care anymore. Now there's no more crowns, no more implants and no more quick and relatively painless tooth extractions,  in fact there are no more options at all except fill it or pull itI love the NHS and everything it stands for, I have so much to be grateful to them for, but their dentistry does leave a lot to be desired!

The school dentist ruined my teeth as a child by doing giant fillings, in my 20's the surrounding teeth started breaking away from these giant fillings, which in turn started me on a 12 year journey of excruciatingly painful dental problems and dental abscesses