26 April 2012

Jackanory:- Part Three

Now where did I get too in my little Jackanory Story?

Oh yes I remembers, me and my new mummy Meegan were living the good life. But then...

I got taken to see a Vet man, I had been once before with my family, but that was a lady and she was very nice to us. This one wasn't, he looked at my teeth, eyes, ears, then worst of all he put something up my bum! I wiggled like mad, I didn't like that one bit!! After that he put a cold round thing on my chest which was stuck in his ears, and then he told my hoomum I was healthy with a good heart. 

My hoomum was very relieved, as she had brought a Rottweiler puppy several months previously called

21 April 2012

Jackanory:- Part Two

Right my furry friends, are we all sitting comfortably? I will continue with my Jackanory Story...
Me aged only 9 weeks

I was gently coaxed out from under the long chair by my new hoomum and sat on her lap, until Meegan had calmed down. I was used to playing rough games with my

Hurty Paw :o(

Last night I started to limp a little bit, cos my front paw was feeling a bit ouchie. I don't know what I's done to it, but it really is very hurty!!!

 I was trying be very brave and hide it from hoomum, cos she has a horrid habit of taking me to see the "Nasty Vet Man" abouts the slightest thing.

Sad Dog With A Broken Leg Clip Art

It didn't work!!! 
She spotted I was limping and wanted to have a look at it, I was

15 April 2012

Jackanory:- Part One

Once upon a time I was a cute puppy with no name. I had a mummy that looked like me, and 7 brothers and sisters, some were Blue Roan and some were Orange Roan...

We lived a happy care free life, playing rough and tumble, meeting these strange things called hoomans who came to pick us up for cuddles and make strange cooing noises.

I used to love meeting these hoomans, until one day a lady and man came to see us all and I fell in love with the lady. But she didn't notice me, she kept looking at and cuddling my orange brothers.

Little Me at 9 weeks old
I had to work really hard pulling on her trousers to get her to notice me!

It worked she picked me up, I was so pleased. She then

14 April 2012


There I was sniffing in a bush minding my own business.

 When all of a sudden that hissing, spitting Stalker Cat launched its self at me and scratched my nose drawing blood! 

I never done nothing to it!

 But I tried chasing it down the road, in case it hurt my mummy *that scared it for sure*

Shame I was on my lead, or I would have chased it a lot further!

Why oh why do pussy cats have to be soooo nasty to me?

 I likes them, but they never has the manners to find out, they just attacks me *sob*

But I likes the chewie mummy gives me to make up for the nasty experience.

  I would prefur it if they was liked us doggies, and said hello first before deciding they don't like me..

So please, all my pussy cat friends that know me, can you please pass the message on.

 I'm not a bad pup unless you attack me first!!!


11 April 2012

Silly Billy

It's a good job I'm in tune with my hoomum's moods, I could tell she needed cheering up when she got home today. 

Hope it made you smile too BOL

Spreading happiness is a Spaniels job in life...

07 April 2012

Twas the Day Before Christmas

This is one of my Daft Adventures copied from my facepoop group

I know it's April, but was looking through the posts and thought "Why not, I'm Dog I can do what I like" BOL

I can see something shiney way up there on the bookshelf *thinking* ummm what can it be??? 

*climbs onto back of the sofa for a better look* 

Gosh how I wishes I was lots taller *puts front feet onto shelf and stretches sniff sniff*

06 April 2012

He Just Won't Learn!!!

I love my stuffed toys equally, but when Daddy gets involved I gets confuddled!!!

Do I want the Cat or the Dog?

OMP how can I decide? I'm only a cutie Spaniel after all.

What I should do is walk off and leave him to it. 

Lets face it I do have sooo many pawtastic toys, but here is the problem!  

I don't want Daddy to play with my toys! 

They are mine, not for hoomans to play with. 

Mummy understands this fact, she'll throw them for me, but never actually plays with them unlike Daddy. 

He needs more training I'm afraid!

Note to Self:- After Easter I'm going to send him off to Dog Borstal and get Mick Martin to sort him out for me.

Hoomans need to be properly trained, to get the best from us pups!!!