26 April 2012

Jackanory:- Part Three

Now where did I get too in my little Jackanory Story?

Oh yes I remembers, me and my new mummy Meegan were living the good life. But then...

I got taken to see a Vet man, I had been once before with my family, but that was a lady and she was very nice to us. This one wasn't, he looked at my teeth, eyes, ears, then worst of all he put something up my bum! I wiggled like mad, I didn't like that one bit!! After that he put a cold round thing on my chest which was stuck in his ears, and then he told my hoomum I was healthy with a good heart. 


My hoomum was very relieved, as she had brought a Rottweiler puppy several months previously, called Samson, that had a very bad heart murmur, and she had to take him back to his breeder. But that is another story for another day.
Lots of cuddles from the Vet and my hooman, I was relieved as I thought my awful ordeal was finally over. 

How wrong I was! 

He then stuck me with a sharp pointy thing and boy did it sting, I yelped to make sure he knew about it, and got a lovely rub on my shoulders and it felt lots better. He then left the room, hoomum picked me up and gave me a cuddle. Then to my horror he came back with an even bigger sharp pointy thing, and stuck that in my back too! By this time I was whimpering like crazy, and decided he was the nastiest, meanest hooman I had ever met in my short life! He then waved a magic wand over me and I went beep. OMP what was that all abouts? Hoomum said it was called a microchip in case I ever got lost or stolen, so I would be able to find my way home again.

After that, I spent a few days learning that I had to tinkle outdoors not inside, apparently hoomans find that most unpleasant.

Then I had to learn about a collar and lead, what an awful shock that was! Having this thing round my neck that I couldn't get away from. Took me a few days to get used to it, cos it itched like mad and was very heavy, cos it had a little metal bone on it that I couldn't reach to chew off. 

Meegan said there was no point fighting it, you have to wear a collar and tag if you wants to live with hoomans, so in the end I gots used to it. In fact I never notices it now, and I have 2 tags. I still has the little bone, but now I has a special Help for Heroes tag too, I'm very proud of that one.

My special "Help for Heroes" tag whilst having ear rubbies
A few days later the lead was attached, it was so scary! I had no freedom, I pulled, struggled, wiggled and rolled over, but it never came off. In the end I realised if I didn't struggle, it went loose and was nothing to be scared of.

I had yet to learn to walk with the dreaded collar and lead, but I didn't know that at the time. I just thought I was very clever for figuring out not to fight it.

To be continued:-

21 April 2012

Jackanory:- Part Two

Right my furry friends, are we all sitting comfortably? I will continue with my Jackanory Story...
Me aged only 9 weeks

I was gently coaxed out from under the long chair by my new hoomum and sat on her lap, until Meegan had calmed down. I was used to playing rough games with my siblings but they were my size, Meegan was a GIANT!

Eventually she realised that to get me to play she had to be gentle, and I then recieved another wash with her giant tongue, but I was getting used to being all tangled up in it by this time.

We then went on a tour of the house and she showed me her bed which was massive, so much bigger than the one I had slept in with my other family, and she let me get into it with her, even offered me her bone but it was far to heavy for me to lift up!

Trying out Meegans bed

Meegan  was a very kind mummy, even if her immense size was a bit intimidating when I first met her. She taught me so much about life and the strange things out in the big wide world, and we became firm friends.

People used to laugh, cos we looked so odd walking down the road with our hoomans, **her being so big with only 3 legs and me being so small with 4**  but she taught me to hold my head high and ignore them.

I digress:- Firstly I needed a name, my hoomum believes that doggies should choose their own names. I was puzzled by this, as I couldn't talk let alone make a decision. Meegan explained to me how easy it was:- I would be called lots of different names over the next couple of days, and when I heard the name I liked, I was to run up to hoomum for a cuddle and that would be my name forever.

It didn't take too long to find my name, but I certainly didn't like Sweep, Frank, Frodo or Barney! All nice names I grant you, but not for me, then she called Badger and that was it, I galloped up to hoomum for my cuddle. Over the years my name has changed slightly and now I'm known as Badger Boo by my pawsome friends.

I was then given my own bed in a crate that used to be Meegans puppy crate *she must have been a huge puppy it was maasive*, right next to her bed. I was very brave I never cryed on my first night even though I missed my family terribly, cos my new mummy was right there.

Over the next few days me and Meegan got to know each other, and she used to let me sleep in her bed during the day, but only on the condition I didn't try to suckle milk, as she said she wasn't a Milk Mummy she was my Teacher Mummy.

Look I has the most bed..

She was always so generous and let me have so much space in her bed so as not to squash me. I was living the good life and having fun, with no idea of the surprises that life had in store for me!!!

To be continued:-

Hurty Paw :o(

Last night I started to limp a little bit, cos my front paw was feeling a bit ouchie. I don't know what I's done to it, but it really is very hurty!!!

 I was trying be very brave and hide it from hoomum, cos she has a horrid habit of taking me to see the "Nasty Vet Man" abouts the slightest thing.

Sad Dog With A Broken Leg Clip Art

It didn't work!!! 
She spotted I was limping and wanted to have a look at it, I was

15 April 2012

Jackanory:- Part One

Once upon a time I was a cute puppy with no name. I had a mummy that looked like me, and 7 brothers and sisters, some were Blue Roan and some were Orange Roan...

We lived a happy care free life, playing rough and tumble, meeting these strange things called hoomans who came to pick us up for cuddles and make strange cooing noises.

I used to love meeting these hoomans, until one day a lady and man came to see us all and I fell in love with the lady. But she didn't notice me, she kept looking at and cuddling my orange brothers.

Little Me at 9 weeks old
I had to work really hard pulling on her trousers to get her to notice me!

It worked she picked me up, I was so pleased. She then turned me on my back and I just lay there grinning at her, she looked at my teeth which I wasn't keen on, but I let her see my pearly whites. She then put me on the floor, I thought I had missed my chance for more cuddles, but no, she ran her hands all over me, looked in my ears and ruffled my fur up, when I was sitting nice and calmly, she made a massive bang with her hands, I had seen it frighten my brother so I sat stock still being brave. I wanted to do everything right, cos I really liked her.

Next thing I knew I was being carried away from my mummy out into the big wide world!

It was scary I'd never been on my own before, we went in a box on wheels and I dribbled a lot, but luckily it wasn't for too long.

When I was carried into the ladies house I go the fright of my life.
 Looking at me was the worlds biggest doggie I had ever seen, she looked very strange to my innocent eyes, and she had only 3 legs!

My GIANT new mummy  "Meegan"
She sniffed me gently and told me not to worry, she was my new mummy. I wasn't too sure about her, cos when she licked my face, her tongue wrapped round my head and I thought I was going to suffocate!

When I was put on the floor, I looked up and up at her, it made me feel dizzy she was so huge. But my mummy had taught me to have nice manners, so I felt I could trust her when she started to play bow wanting me to play, suddenly she galloped off round the room, scaring me, so I took cover under the big long chair the hoomans was sitting on...

To be continued:-

14 April 2012


There I was sniffing in a bush minding my own business.

 When all of a sudden that hissing, spitting Stalker Cat launched its self at me and scratched my nose drawing blood! 

I never done nothing to it!

 But I tried chasing it down the road, in case it hurt my mummy *that scared it for sure*

Shame I was on my lead, or I would have chased it a lot further!

Why oh why do pussy cats have to be soooo nasty to me?

 I likes them, but they never has the manners to find out, they just attacks me *sob*

But I likes the chewie mummy gives me to make up for the nasty experience.

  I would prefur it if they was liked us doggies, and said hello first before deciding they don't like me..

So please, all my pussy cat friends that know me, can you please pass the message on.

 I'm not a bad pup unless you attack me first!!!


11 April 2012

Silly Billy

It's a good job I'm in tune with my hoomum's moods, I could tell she needed cheering up when she got home today. 

Hope it made you smile too BOL

Spreading happiness is a Spaniels job in life...

07 April 2012

Twas the Day Before Christmas

This is one of my Daft Adventures copied from my facepoop group

I know it's April, but was looking through the posts and thought "Why not, I'm Dog I can do what I like" BOL

I can see something shiney way up there on the bookshelf *thinking* ummm what can it be??? 

*climbs onto back of the sofa for a better look* 

Gosh how I wishes I was lots taller *puts front feet onto shelf and stretches sniff sniff*

06 April 2012

He Just Won't Learn!!!

I love my stuffed toys equally, but when Daddy gets involved I gets confuddled!!!

Do I want the Cat or the Dog?

OMP how can I decide? I'm only a cutie Spaniel after all.

What I should do is walk off and leave him to it. 

Lets face it I do have sooo many pawtastic toys, but here is the problem!  

I don't want Daddy to play with my toys! 

They are mine, not for hoomans to play with. 

Mummy understands this fact, she'll throw them for me, but never actually plays with them unlike Daddy. 

He needs more training I'm afraid!

Note to Self:- After Easter I'm going to send him off to Dog Borstal and get Mick Martin to sort him out for me.

Hoomans need to be properly trained, to get the best from us pups!!!