10 February 2013

Super Sweet Blogging Award

On Wednesday I received a notification on my facebook page from the lovely Coralee and Finn at Bark and Chatter to say I had been awarded the 
"Super Sweet Blogging Award"

OMP  I was so pleased **puffs out chest in pride and does a happy dance** you can find the post here
Thank you so much Coralee and Finn it means a lot.

I writes my blog because I enjoy doing it, the fact hoomans, pups and kitties read it is a bonus, but to be given an award for it, is just the most pawesome thing ever!

There are Rules attached to this award.
 As you know I'm not that big on following The Rules, but just this once I will make it an exception, cos some times a pup has to do the right thing.

Rule One:- I have to answer the following five questions.

1) Cookies or Cake?
I say both but it depends what I can steal BOL

2) Vanilla or Chocolate?
Definitely Chocolate, although I don't get chance to steal it often, as mummy is very careful with it, cos it's not at all good for us pups.

3) What is you favorite sweet treat?
Rice Pudding **drools at the thought**

4) When do you crave sweet things the most?
All the time and whenever mummy is eating them.

5) If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?
Sweetie Pie.

Rule 2:- I have to pass this award on to a Bakers Dozen of sweet blogs.

Gosh I love so many this is going to be a very hard rule to obey, but here goes:-

1) My GBGV Life 
What a beautiful **swoons** clever pup Emma is, she knows everything about what hoomans get up too and makes me smile with her pawsome pictures.

2) Clowies Corner
Clowie always makes me BOL at the antics of her and her hoomans, she is a very pretty Pyrenees too**swoons**

3) Oz the Terrier
Like me Oz is a big dog trapped in a small body, he is very talented and writes wonderful poetry.

4) The Mad Dog Lady of Shackleford
The wonderful adventures of a mad lady with her Boxer Dog and Hens in her local area.

5) You Did What With Your Weiner
Amazing adventures of small dogs, you don't have to be big to have fun.

6) Golden Woofs
Sugar is a beautiful Golden Girl **swoons** who loves to spread her Golden Woofs wherever she goes.

7) The Hailey Chronicles
Life of a Rescue dog in her forever home with her new brother.

8) Christmas Pie Crafts
A pawsome lady who re-homes kitties, makes some amazing cards and a place where I have Guest Posted.

9) Roxy the Traveling Dog
Like me Roxy gets to travel all over the place having lots of adventures.

10) Dogs N Paws
A cool place to find out about all things dog.

11) Bringing up Bella
How a shy little girl learns to overcome her fears in her forever home, she is very pretty too **swoons**

12) Hey It's Jet Here
A busy pup just looking after his mum and having fun.

13) Murdoch She Wrote
Exploits of a reformed character and his hoomum who loves to run.

Good golly gosh that has worn my fluffy paws out, but so worth the effort I think. It was a very hard choice to narrow my favorite blogs down I hope you enjoy them too.

Rule 3:- Say Thank you
Thank you so much Coralee and Finn it you have made my year **does a happy dance** and I feel deeply touched to receive this award.

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  1. Woof! Woof! Congrats on your SWEET award. Golden Thanks for passing it to us. Sending you extra Golden Woofs + Golden SMILES. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    1. Thank you Sugar, you deserve it sweet girl xxxx

  2. You deserve it and thanks for sharing! Have a sweet day! Lee and Phod

    1. Thank you, you deserve it, have a good day too xxxx

  3. Well done Badger Boo - a well deserved award. thank you so much for my award too - Milly is sitting on the edge of the laptop while I am writing this - she gives her paw of approval seal.

    1. Thank you Miss Jill, you really deserve it, please apologise to Milly that I forgot to mention her by name xxxx

  4. Congratulations on your award, Badger Boo! Quite well deserved we say.

    And thank you for sharing it with us, we are honored. (And Bella is blushing. ;)

    You have chosen a great list of blogs - some I know well and others I look forward to getting to know now. Thank you again.

    1. Thank you Miss Leslie, you have done such a lot for Miss Bella and you both deserve he award. I wasn't always the happy well balanced pup you see today. I too had several ""issues" but with mummys help I overcame them. If you type "Jackanory Story" into the search box you can read all abouts it and how I overcame these issues xx

  5. You're so welcome Badger Boo - we love your blog! We can't wait to explore all the sweet blogs you love - and btw, Finn thinks Bella is very pretty too!!! A-roo!

    1. Thank you Miss Coralee and Finn has very good taste too xx

  6. Wow, I'm thrilled and grateful!! Thanks so much!! You're awesome!!

  7. what a sweet award :) congrats!

  8. Oh, THANK YOU for the award, Badger!! *zoomies in circle* You are super sweet and totally deserve this award. *Cairn cuddles*

    1. **blushes** Thank you Oz don't go getting too dizzy there BOL xx

  9. Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

  10. Congratulations on the award and thank you for passing it on to us! Your blog is awesome Badger Boo!

    1. **blushes** Thank you that means a lot x

  11. Congratulations on your award and thank you for passing it on to me! You've made my tail wag!

    1. That is jolly good news Miss Clowie, you really deserve this award xx

  12. Well, I am chuffed. Thank you. What a sweet award :-)

    Zozi, Brin and I will get straight on it x.

    1. You deserve it Miss Lesley, welcome to the family little Zozi xxx


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