12 July 2013

Hot, Hot, Hot

Over here in the UK we've been experiencing a mini heatwave. Luckily for me I gets trimmed pretty short in the summer to keep me cool, but even this old pup was finding it a bit too warm at times.

We live near a canal which is the most pawsome place to cool off in the hot weather, although my own personal paddling pool would be REALLY nice mummy **hint hint** 
Most evenings this week I've been finishing off the day with a quick dip in the canal. 
Ahhhhh total bliss I can tell you.

Of course I have to do the obligatory posing for the camera first, to keep she who must be obeyed happy, then it's time to have some fun and cool off.

Hurry up I want to swim mummy

I found this little stick to play with in the water.
 Now I don't know about you, but I'm not allowed to play with sticks as mummy says they are too dangerous.

Gonna try and see if I can walk on water!

She kept chucking it into the woods when she thought I wasn't looking and I kept bringing it back to her.
She wasn't best pleased, which is daft cos any other time I has to bring back my ball when she throws it.
I do wish hoomans would make up their minds, it gets very confusing sometimes!!!

OOPS guess I can't walk on water then.

Now calm yourselves ladies for the next picture, it's a good job I've a cute butt the amount of times it gets photographed BOL 

Check out this butt, cute or what?

I wonder who else is smiling this weekend :o)

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  1. Sexy butt! You remind me of cool cat when you take a dip BB ;-)

    1. **blushes** You say the nicest things Miss Lesley. Have a pawsome weekend xxx

  2. Enjoy the good weather Badger Boo and stay cool. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Thanks Miss Molly we dont get a lot of good weather here, so its nice when it comes. Have a pawsome weekend xxx

  3. Hey Badger Boo! That looks like a PAWsome place to cool off! We've been having the same weather here in Massachusetts. Have a great weekend all! :)

    1. You too Miss Jane, try and keep cool, ive heard its a LOT hotter for you in the USA, have a pawsome weekend xxx

  4. Oh wettsy and yes, cute buttsy ... love it Badger Boo. I am cheating on my Smile it's Friday. I posted this a few days ago, but thought it was good enough to make you smile ... so come see me on my new page :)

    Izzi @ From The Sol

    1. **blushes** Thank you Miss Izzi and Miss Andrea, there are no rules except it must make you smile, so therefore theres no cheating. Have a pawsome weekend **dashes to see new page** xxx

  5. Howdy Badger Boo, seems like we need to swap some of our weather for yours. We've had cold, cold, cold! Love your swimming place too and yes, you do have a cute butt (blush). See ya soon. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

    1. We had such a nasty summer last yeat and a very lomg cold winter so its noce to be warm at last, hope you get some warm weather soon Miss Stella and Rory. Have a pawsome weekend xxx

  6. LOL! My mom does that same thing with treasures I find and then I bring them back to her! The water looks refreshing! Stay cool!

  7. We are having a heat wave in Canada too. What a great spot you have to keep cool.

  8. Loving your swimming, such a great idea to keep cool #photo of the week


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