02 July 2020

A Trip to the Vets

I had to go to the vets this afternoon as mum has been worrying about me, thinking I'm losing weight, that I'm not well and that I need a blood test as I seem unhappy sometimes

Don't panic I'm perfectly fine, but more about that later

We waited outside because that's the rules now because of Covid19, of course me being me didn't want to wait, so I jumped into Paws Up on the window sill and started tap tapping away on the window with my paw **it's a trick mum taught me for when I've finished my ablutions in the garden**

Photo Description:- Boris doing Paws Up on the windowsill so he can see what's going on inside
Mum was mortified and kept telling me "No" in case somebody heard and thought it was her tapping **silly mum that's the whole point** apparently they already knew we were there by phone, but I still kept looking in the window and tap tapping away

Eventually mum and I reached a compromise, I could stand on the window sill to be able to see inside properly, but only on the condition I didn't tap on the window again until it was our turn to go in
Photo Description:- Boris standing on the windowsill looking at the camera with a happy smiley face
After mum spoke to Miss Nicola about her concerns she took me inside and weighed me whilst mum waited outside, it turns out I've not lost any weight since my last weigh in before lockdown, I had all the usual things done to check my health plus a blood test and nothing unusual was found.

Before lockdown I'd had a tumour removed which turned out to be benign thankfully, but mum also asked for some x-rays to be done of my elbows as I'd had surgery done on them whilst I was still a puppy, which you can read all about here. As I'm going to be six in a few days time mum thought it prudent to get some x-rays done whilst I was already under general anaesthetic for my tumour removal.

The x-rays showed that I now have some arthritis in my elbows, which explains why I've been a little bit off colour lately as I've been having some pain but refusing to let mum see I was hurting. I now have a course of anti inflammatories  and I'm feeling a lot perkier. Mum is to ring the vets next week to let Miss Nicola know how I'm getting on and they'll review what the next course of action will be. 

So all in all I'm in good health and mum was worrying for nothing **breathes huge sigh of relief**

Boris xxx


  1. So happy that you are OK, I bet you are a bit of a favourite at the vets x x

    1. I think I might be too, but obviously they can't let on if I am, but the excessive treats and cuddles at the end of appointments gives it away **muffled giggles behind paws** I won't tell anypawdy if you don't Shhhhh

      Boris xxx


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