09 May 2022

Time Off For Myself

My Reality of taking time out for myself, is it really not worth it! 

A great weekend was spent at Dog Fest Losley Park - The first day was spent with Himself and the second day with my friend Pippa, of course Boris and Eko came on both days too
Amazingly I didn't overspend and even though I was on my feet all weekend I did OK, but I'm sure feeling it today though, I'm really struggling just getting around in the house

Boris and Eko the Golden Cocker Spaniel sitting on the giant letter D of the display spelling out the rest of the word Dog Fest which is out of shot. All the letters were covered in a green astro turf which looked amazingly like real grass

Then at around midday I heard the sound that I've come to dread, the house phone started ringing and it was my dad, he wanted to go shopping today instead of waiting until Wednesday as arranged

I tried getting out of it, but mum was giving him a really hard time on the phone because she'd run out of the weird milk she drinks. We eventually reached a comptomise, I'd take dad shopping tomorrow (Tuesday)
I seriously regret the day I ever brought a cordless phone for my parents house

I'd no plans to do anything today or tomorrow other than recovering from the weekend and to gently walk the dogs so I'd be fighting fit for shopping on Wednesday 

But no instead I'll be spending a very long and stressful afternoon in Tesco shopping with my dad tomorrow, it's a nightmare at the best of times but when feeling unwell it's going to be horrendous 

Mum's written shopping list never tallies with what my parents need and what's on dads shopping list all in his head, so rather than methodically shopping aisle by aisle, dad dashes about for his items whilst I try follow the list for mum

I waste so much time going back for stuff dad's not picked up that I didn't know he needed, or putting stuff back that's been doubled up on because I'd not noticed him put in the trolley

Why they never let me go shopping on my own I'll never know, I could be in and out of Tescos with time to spend with mum and be back home again in approx 3 hours as a round trip

Instead a it normally takes me 4-5 hours and usually only spending long enough with mum to do her pills and a quick chat

So what should have been a good couple of days where I can rest and recuperate, plus get a few bits and bob's done around the house has become a total wash out! 

Come Wednesday I'll be be exhausted and in a lot of pain again because I've not had the chance to rest and recuperate properly after a massively busy weekend

So was taking some time for myself to go to Dog Fest worth doing in the grand scheme of things..................


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