12 December 2023

If I didn't laugh .......

I'd cry about the chaos that is now my life
I seriously couldn't make this stuff up if I tried
Welcome to this week and it's only Tuesday morning


I had to cancel someone from coming round to my parents house to clean the gutters for an extortionate price, mum had booked them because someone put a leaflet through the door, thankfully she let slip about it to my brother who then told me, so I was able to cancel them. My brother will go up and see if the gutters need cleaning at our parents house when he comes over for Christmas 

A fun head shot of Eko the Golden Cocker Spaniel and Boris the Black Cocker Spaniel sitting side by side in the garden, both are wearing Santa hats worn at a jaunty angle as they look at the camera

Photo Description - A fun head shot of Eko the Golden Cocker Spaniel and Boris the Black Cocker Spaniel sitting side by side in the garden, both are wearing Santa hats worn at a jaunty angle as they look at the camera

Getting told somebody came round the house to see mum, but nothing is booked on the calendar or I'd have been there, mum can't remember who it was or what they came round for.
Told mum again on the phone that she shouldn't be letting strangers into the house, to then get an earful about how it's all dad's fault. In what capacity it's dads fault I've absolutely no idea, but mum has always blamed dad for everything and it's been her default setting for as long as I can remember, I then left mum to it ranting on about dad whilst I did the washing up before finally getting her to change the subject


I received a phone call to say that dad's day care visits might not be funded by the local council which is a bit of a blow, the lady that rang thought they only funded carers to come to the home and not for day care, it sounds a bit wrong to me as it was the day care centre that suggested applying for the funding in the first place. I must remember to add looking into funding to my never ending list of things to do as it's not an amount I can afford to cover long term, I'm just glad we've only agreed to dad going one day a week to start him off, dad absolutly loves it there and his mood has lifted so much since he's been attending, it's money well spent for peace of mind to know he's happy and enjoying himself in a safe environment 


This afternoon I've got to drive what feels like halfway around the world on petrol fumes to take dad to an appointment at a hospital that we've never been too before, could the appointment be changed to a more local hospital?
 Of course not, not unless we waited until May next year for dads appointment


I've been locked out of my bank account so I can't refuel the car, mum reported a cheque that she wrote me a while ago as a gift from my uncles estate as a fraudulent transaction! When mum received her bank statement she didn't bother checking it against her cheque book stub, look at her list of reminders or ask me, all things you'd normally do, no she went straight to reporting it as fraud 

I don't know how I allowed myself to believe that mum would ever do anything nice for me by writing me that cheque, especially after her refusal to pay me back for the fridge freezer I had to buy for them when theirs broke down. There's always a catch with mum, usually in the form of a high interest rate on the rare occasion I've been forced to ask her for some financial aid. Mums lifelong dislike of me is the one thing that hasn't changed since the onset of her dementia, she still likes to make me feel like rubbish on a regular basis, the joys of a narcasistic parent


Boris and Eko as always are my rock, although I've not done much with them since my last posting as it's been pretty full on since the start of December with various appointments for my parents, luckily Himself has been working from home most days so they've not been short of company

Things can only get better from here 🀞

Dawn, Boris & Eko xxx 

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  1. Dang, that's all pretty messy but I hope things start looking better super soon.

    1. Currently keeping the first week of January free for a rest xxx

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