20 May 2012

Jackanory:- Part Four

OMP it's been a while since my last Jackanory Story where was I *thinking hard* 

Oh I remember my new hoomum had put a nasty collar and lead on me!


What a clever pup I was...

 I had learnt not to fight the collar and lead, if I sat there doing nothing then it was nothing to fear.

Then I got a shock, I was going to have to learn to walk nicely with this nasty contraption on!

School had started!!!

I could smell something very nice and wanted to follow it, but how
could I be expected to do anything with this nasty thing round my neck?

I sat for a while thinking about how to get the lovely smell to come to me, but it wouldn't come. So I tentatively stood up, and as nothing bad happened, I took a step forward and then another one reached the smell and my new hoomum opened her hand to reveal  the most intoxicating smell of my little life. A piece of baked liver, which I gobbled up whilst getting lots of fuss made of me, I had done good...

 My one complaint was, it was the smallest piece of liver in the whole wide world!

So I started to follow hoomum and the piece of baked liver, sometimes I would pull back on the nasty lead thing to try to get away, but I soon realised if I did that I wouldn't get the object of my desire.

Within minutes I was happily trotting round the room and getting so much praise.

The next day my lead was put on, and Meegan had hers on too and we set off outside!!!

Wow, outside was a scary place! Big smelly metal box's rushing past making lots of noise, hoomans wanting to stroke me and so many smells, my poor little brain was in overload. But I was so lucky because all the time I had Meegan keeping my updated on how a young pup should behave out in public.

After a while I started to enjoy myself and forgot all about the nasty collar and lead thing around my neck. I loved meeting all the hoomans and getting strokes and cuddles, although some were a little rude abouts my small size compared to Meegan.

Little did I know at the time, that this trip out would open a whole new world to me, and from this day on I would be having lots and lots of Daft Adventures...

To be continued:-


  1. It's good catching up on your puppy-days, Badger Boo. How is your paw now?

    1. My paw is all better now thank you Miss Jill, when the nail grows back it will look normal again.

      Glad you like my puppy memoirs.

      BB xxx

    2. Glad your enjoying his Jackanory Stories.

      We came up with the idea, as it was pointed out how nobody in blog world and few in twitter world are aware of his back story.

      Until this point Badger Boo's life as a Media Hound had all been on facebook, and although a some of his followers had followed him over to twitter, we have a whole new audience that wanted to know more about him, and the rest, as they say is history.

      D xxx

  2. Baked liver??!! The Boxers only had a few shmackos, and sometimes a markie. Maybe that's why they're so naughty x.

    1. Mummy has always used liver as it's a high value treat with a strong tasty smell, and I'm not really a foody pup...

      I'm sure the Boxers love their Shmachos and markies, their not really naughty just cheeky BOL

      BB xxx

    2. I started using baked liver back in the 80's and 90's for showing my Rotties, certainly used to keep them interested for the long hours we used to have to stand in the showring back then, due to them having some of the largest classes at shows.

      There weren't as very many ready made treats around in them days, so you had to adapt and overcome.

      Badger isn't a dog motivated by food, he's only interested in his toys, but then he gets to overexcited and can't concentrate.

      So a solution had to be found to get his nose to work rather than his visual for training, as soon as I get the liver out he knows it's time for some fun, as all his training is reward based.

      Sometimes he forgets his training and can be very naughty, which will become clearer as his Jackanory Stories go on.

      Lets just say, he hasn't always been the cute, well behaved pup we all know and love today. He was very hard work and we had some major issues to overcome!

      D xxx


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