24 May 2013

Smile it's Friday

Morning everypawdy
 Sorry I'm a bit late posting this weeks post. 
We had loads of people round last night.
 I spent most of the evening running round getting cuddles and fuss, it was fun, but boy am I pooped out today. 
Think I'll just chill out here all day.


Now lets see who else is smiling today.
This week you can grab the InLinkz code so we can turn this into a Blog Hop.
 All you do is grab the code for your type of blog and add to your HTML.
Paws crossed it works and lets get everypawdy smiling :o)

Shoulder to Shoulder to Day
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  1. Anonymous24 May, 2013

    I always smile when I see photos of you Badger Boo....you are so sweet! <3

    1. **blushes* Thank you Miss Nellie and Betsy, my mission is complete **grins** xxx

  2. TGIF! Have a great one Badger Boo! Lee and Phod

  3. You looks all comfy ... I thinks I will go takes a nap. I'm not tired, just bored. My Mom won'ts take me outs 'cause I'm limping. I gots to play it downs or she will take me to the Vets (Oh No :( Have a nice weekend Badger Boo ...

    Izzi @ From The Sol

    1. Oh no Izzi limping is not nice, but you don'ts want to see the nasty vet lady with her pointy needles!! Hopes you is feeling better soon and has a good weekend xxx

  4. This is the best seat in the house and I'm not moving.

  5. I love it when people come over to see me and fuss all over me...poor mom sometimes thinks they come to see her but I know they are here for me!

  6. You look comfy Badger Boo! Sometimes I have days like that too! :)


  7. Badger Boo you are lovely and your photo did make me smile :)

  8. Badger Boo you are very sweet! Thankyou for linking up to #S2S2D to make me smile. You succeeded! :)


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