09 August 2013

Reporting for Duty

Last weekend was the start of the pawsome Godalming StayCation. This little town where I lives with my hoomans lays on a week of activities open to all who live here and in the surrounding areas every August.

Nurse Badger
Please can I have one?
I attended with my mummy and we went and sat in the First Aid tent with daddy. He was on duty with the lovely Jo, she's gorgeous and always gives this old pup lots of cuddles and loving **swoons at the memories**

 I've made it my unofficial job to be Nurse Badger and look after the kids and some adults of Godalming that may be in need of any

First Aid cuddles and licks whilst I'm on duty.

The place was packed out, the music was pawsome, luckily we weren't to close this time, and it didn't hurt my ears I was able to enjoy it with the hoomans. 
We were situated right next to the Ice Cream van and you knows how much I loves ice cream! 
As I sat watching everypawdy queuing to get one and begging, not one hooman was generous enough to go and get me one. 

We all went for a wander around later and daddy got mummy a milkshake and a sausage in a roll, when she finished what she wanted I got to finish the rest. 

Thanks mummy Nom Nom Nom
There was a slight technical hitch though, I got my nose stuck in the plastic beaker!

Fancy making it so silly and small?

Everypawdy had a good laugh at my expense though **resigned sigh**

Help mummy I'm stuck!!! Please stop taking pictures and release me!!!

Now lets go and see who else is smiling this weekend :o)

Badger Boo's Daft Adventures
Badger Boo's Daft Adventures
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  1. OMP can't believe mummy didn't set the schedule for my post, she's a bad lady!!!

    Sorry everypawdy that it's 12 hours late, mummy you are on a warning now!!!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun events in Godalming. It's all go for August over your way. Have fun and have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Hi, Badger Boo. Looks like you had a fun weekend doing some good things for your hoomans. Sorry you gots stuck in the shake glass ... I never gets anythings that bigs thats I can'ts reach the bottoms. I didn't post on Smile this week. My Mom tried to put a funny video of me on and The Google Blogger wouldn't take it ... then she hads to go to the store so didn't have times. Sorry ... I will be backs next week.

    Izzi @ From The Sol

  4. Thanks for the smiles BB. You are a good dog :-)

    And how good are your mummy and daddy too xx.

  5. Oh man, how embarrassing getting that plastic cup stuck on your nose...sounds like something that would happen to me. Hope they got it off of you quickly!

  6. Thanks for laugh! Don't feel bad, it happens to the best of us!


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