21 March 2014

Smile it's The Weekend {15}

I've been so happy this week, the sun has been shining again and the weather is so much warmer at the moment, it's just so nice for these old bones to lay out in the sun in a sheltered spot, taking in the rays.
Ahhhh This is the life...
The ground is still badly muddy in some places from the flooding, mummy got stuck up to her knees on the allotment the other day! Daddy had to pull her out which was so funny, she lost her boot and got a muddy foot!
 **muffled giggles behind paws**
I think it's great fun to go running through the mud, then taking it home on my feet as a gift to my hoomans.
What do you mean I can't come in the car daddy?
 It sure is tiring running around in all the mud but it's good for my coat and keeping mummy busy cleaning it up, so it would be rude not to do it.

When I gets home I likes to collapse on the sofa with my Chunky Monkey and dream all about whats I've been up too that day.

I hopes you have a pawsome week.

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  1. BB nothing like a good roll in mud but hopefully it isn't followed by the dreaded b8&%££%** thingy. Enjoy your weather pal. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Peoples say muds is goods to makes you butifuls, so if that is true, your Moms will haves a butiful foot ... don't you just loves that suckings sounds when you walks in the muds. My Mom tries to keeps me out of the muds, but I usually manage to finds some when she isn't looking. I has to laughs because my Moms tooks me for a baths just at the times when the snows are meltings and everything is turning to muds ... wastes of money? Well, maybe nots, because I was getting pretty stinky. My friend Stella may be coming over to see you too. She is a sweet dog and I know you will treats her nice. Be wells Badger Boos and soak up some more of that warms suns (if that's what you likes ... personally, I likes the colds.

    Izzi @ From The Sol

  3. It's still cold here...this morning around -5 Celsius. We have had some warm days where some snow has melted creating lots of dirty puddles. I made sure to enjoy that mess and get as much as possible on my fur! Nice you have sunshine!

  4. We still have lots of snow and are getting more. We don't think winter will ever end . . . sigh! We miss mud. Please enjoy it extra for us!


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