28 March 2014

Smile it's The Weekend {16}

 Hello everypawdy it's been a busy week around here.
 I've been out putting up posters and posting flyers for  Miss Jill of Surrey Independent Markets for the Godalming Independent Market on the 5th April.
 I really loves these colourful posters as they compliment my black, white **coughs** and grey colours quite nicely.

Mummy has been busy making stuff for her stall as well as helping me with the posters. If you want to see what she's been up too you can check out her craft blog here.

I'm starting to think I may have to negotiate  a contract with mummy for my modelling, as I only got a couple of biscuit's for todays picture, I'm pretty sure it was worth a Rask or a Cow Hoof, the treats have been seriously lacking since the dreaded diet started!

Not only that, but she has decided to use my image as inspiration for  her punch art the cheeky wotsit, they don't even look like me.
See what I mean!

**barks loudly**
Hang on one minute mummy!
 Get those piggies off my blog, it's meant to be all abouts me not what you've made!

Here we go, this is the right one.

She says it's not meant to be me, just a representation and there she goes using big words I don't understand to confuddle me.
 She says she posted the piggies because I was moaning abouts the lack of treats, but I've lost the weight and I wants them all back again. 

**I digress**
 If you're abouts in our area on April 5th pop into The Borough Hall in Godalming to see my mummy and all the other lovely stallholders that'll be there.

I'd like to say a big thank you to the new people who linked up last week, it was pawsome checking your Weekend Smiles.
Paws crossed we get some more new link ups this week and get that #WeekendSmile spreading around the world.

I hope you all have a pawsome week.

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  1. Bow WoW, Badger Boos. You gets to do some fun stuffs. I don't gets to make posters for my Moms, at least I haven't up till nows. She does makes me pose for pictures though and yes, I gets treats when I do goods stuff. But, my Moms has been calling mes "Piggy Wiggy" latelys ... I fears that is a sign that I too will be on a dreaded diets soon. I agrees it is no funs. She takes me to my sports doctor and that lady ( who makes me feels betteer with her hands) says "Izzi could stand to takes off a few pounds". I thinks my Moms wouldn't even notice if it weren't for the doctors. We all likes to eat in this house. My cat brothers are fats, so why can't I be fats. Somethings to thinks about :) You has a great weeks Badger Boos and keep an eye opens for my friend Stella. I thinks she may be comings to see you this weeks.

    Izzi @ From The Sol

    1. Will sure be good to meet your friend Stella, I loves making new friends.

      Them diets are sooo bad but you needs to be lean for your agility and I needs to be lean for my age **groans** Sounds like your cat brothers need to go on a diet, they sure would hate that BOL


  2. Good luck with the event BB and we hope it is a nice day so there are lots of people coming to it. Yikes don't mention the dreaded D words you might give my peeps ideas. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Sorry Molly I'll whisper it next time, don't want to go giving your people any ideas do we **gulps with guilt**


  3. It is a bit far for me to come from the US, but good luck. Hope you have a great turnout.

    1. Thank you Miss Emma, hopes you has a pawsome weekend

  4. Hi, Badger Boo. Thank you for extending your friendship. We accept! Love, Stella & her Mom

    1. Hi Miss Stella and mum look forward to getting to know you.

      Hopes you has a pawsome weekend xxx

  5. Cutest thing in the net today =P


  6. So cute...hope it's a good day

    Thank you for linking up

  7. Very cute! #MySundayPhoto x

  8. Hi friend! Found you through the blogpaws forum. Just wanted to formally invite you to come post on Thoughtless Thursday/Sepia Saturday blog hops if you do decide to post on those days. Come join the fun! www.ruckustheeskie.com


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