11 August 2014

Blood Tests and Policemen

The next Serviceman is almost ready to join my happy band of Knitted Collectables, I know it looks like he's wearing a skirt in the second picture but it's actually the start of his jacket, I thought he looked a bit naked in the first picture.
Can you guess which service he is?

If you guessed Policeman, you'd be correct.
I still need to knit his helmet and the breast pockets, then it's time for the finer details of his buttons, cap badge and belt buckle. It's those fine details that will bring him to life, I always leave the face until last, which I like to think is when he's born.

The Mitred Baby Blanket I started a few weeks ago is very nearly finished, I've just got a plain white border around the edge to do now, I opted for white instead of using the variegated yarn  because

I love the way it has alternated between pink and blue at the sides of its own accord and thought white would be prettier instead of the blue and pink coming our wherever it wanted on the sides.

I made a couple of cards this week from bits out of my odds and ends jar, I used my Big shot to cut out this watercolour Rose I'd painted and stuck it onto an embossed piece of card with 3D foam pads, added some bakers twine and a sentiment with a couple of gems, very pleased with the result for an Any Occasion Card.

I also made some small Thank You notelets from some A5 card I got on FreeCycle, I then coloured in one of my stamps with my watercolour crayons and lightly misted with  it water and stamped.
I managed to get two images from each application of colour, which makes for a very quick and easy way to use up some of those annoying bits of card too large to throw away but too small to do much with.

There's no Allotment News this week, if you saw my Silent Sunday post yesterday, you'll have guessed we decided to go away to enjoy the sun for a few days.
 The weather had other ideas sadly.

 I've not mentioned it on my blog but over the last couple of weeks but I've been feeling strangely exhausted all the time, falling asleep at inappropriate times and wasting a lot of my day just feeling too tired to do anything.

On Friday I rang the Dr and actually managed to get an appointment for that day, there was talk of a possible infection from the surgery (very likely) or a possible flare up of an ongoing medical condition I suffer from (more likely) which has been quiescent for a number of years now.

So off I went downstairs with my form to get my blood taken, the receptionist said "NO" apparently I had to come back another day. I explained the Dr wanted it done today, so I had to wait for 30 mins until she found the time to check with him.

I was right, she was wrong and the blood test was done, results due in later this week.

Just lately I'm getting more than a little annoyed with receptionists giving me bad information.
Like the receptionist in the Physio Department telling me I didn't need physio after a Knee Replacement, when I phoned as I'd not heard from them for two weeks after my operation. 

I got straight on the phone to PALS the patient liaison people. The next day a Physio phoned me apologising for the error, I'd been overlooked, and was given an appointment that afternoon. I was also informed the receptionist was educated she should have connected me directly to the Physio Department, not told me I didn't need physio.

Receptionist don't know everything, even if they like to think they do. if they give you conflicting advice from the Dr's then go higher up the chain to get things done.
It really does work.

Hope you all have a great week crafting, I'll be linking this post to  Creative Mondays and Handmade Monday.



  1. Your craftiness is so clever, love the baby blanket x.

  2. You've been amazingly productive considering you've not been feeling well, i do hope you'll be feeling yourself again soon.

    Your little policeman is just adorable, i can't wait to see him complete with face and accessories! Your blanket and cards are so lovely too, what a talented lady you are :) x

    1. Feeling a lot better now thank you, I find it helps to try to keep busy sometimes x

  3. the policeman is amazing so far - cant wait to see him finished!! well done on a busy week and sorry to hear about the drs :(

    1. Thank you, the Polieman is finished and will be making an appearance next week x

  4. Well done on beating the receptionist barrier. Your knitted characters bring back memories. My Mam knitted hundreds to fund raise for the scouts when we were children. I remember many evenings sat teasing lumps out of kapok and stuffing them.


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