10 October 2014

Official Hello and Welcome to Little Boris

Did you guess?
I'm sure you did with my Sunday picture hints. 
I've got a brand new baby brother called "Little Boris"

Here he is at 8 weeks old on his very first day with us, he looks so small and cute next to me and my favourite toy Chunky Monkey, sadly Chunky Monkey is no longer with us because Little Boris decided to kill him, he pulled his head off and pulled all of his stuffing out **sobs**

I'm not sure I'll ever forgive him for that crime, he then went on to do the same thing to my other toy Mr Cat, in fact I think he may have killed all my stuffies in the 6 weeks he's been living here.

Boris now has lots of Nylabone toys and a Kong to chew on now and do as he wishes with, any toy I don't want him to destroy lives upstairs with me. 
This'll make you laugh, it did me when I found out.
Boris isn't allowed upstairs or to sit on the sofa with us at night, mummy says it's my domain and it's a good place to escape too when he gets really annoying, and believe me he can be annoying at times. 

Just because I can't see him coming, he thinks it's great fun to grab my ears and play tug with them or to bite my stubby tail with his needle sharp teeth.
 I gives him a good telling off for that, but he won't stop and doesn't seem to have an off button!
Sometimes I just wants to be left on my own to snooze, hence why I have safe places he's not allowed to go too, which is really pawsome.

Boris started Puppy Pre School last week, and did very well by all accounts, I stayed home and slept, I didn't like the sound of that, being surrounded by  even more yapping puppies.

Here he is during the "Settle" exercise watching daddy and watching the teacher, they both had food, so of course he was watching them, he's a right piggy when it comes to food and is always trying to steal mine if nobody picks the bowl up in time.

I've heard people say he's very intelligent as he can already do Sit, Stand, Down and Recall.  
I have my doubts about the use of that word, I mean look at the next picture, he can't even figure out how how to sleep in his bed, he sleeps like this all the time, talk about a Silly Billy! It doesn't matter how many times I climb in and show him, he still sleeps like it.

Every day mummy takes me and Boris over the common for a run, to start with Boris had to wear a safety line in case he got spooked by something and bolted off, he doesn't know the area and sometimes new things might  give him a bit of a fright, we'd hate to lose him if he ran off scared by something.

Ever since I lost mummy a few months ago, I've had to keep her on the Flexi Lead as I can't see or hear where she is and it stops her wandering off. 
You'll never guess what amazing thing has happened on our walks.

Without any training at all Boris has learnt to keep a close eye on mummy, if she gets too far away he gallops after me and comes to tell me all about it.

He then leads me back to find her so she doesn't wander off and get lost again.
How cool is that?

I guess that Boris isn't such a Silly Billy after all.
We hope you all have a pawtastic weekend.


  1. You and Boris are really good friends now, right? I guess he can be trying at times, but he's a good little boy! And I'll bet you are an excellent big bro. Hugz and kisses to you all! xxx

  2. BB love seeing your brother Boris and we know you are showing him the ropes and training him up. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I knews it ... I knews you hads a new baby brothers. I thinks you is very braves to takes that on. I don't even likes to be around other peoples puppies ... they are so unpredictables. I am not sure I would be as generous as you if my Moms broughts one homes to my (the operative word here is "MY") house. I think your Mums is very wise to give you your own space and it is true that he does seem to make a good playmate at times. I know I has funs playings with Buddy, my neighbor dog, but then the goods thing abouts that is, when I am dones I can go homes and not has to put ups with him when I don'ts feels like it. But, I watched your video and I think Boris could be goods for you if he would just stop killings your toys. I am thinking you will keeps me posted on hows this is goings. I wishes you much lucks ... Glads to hears from you ... I missed your fun selfs.

    Izzi @ From the Sol

  4. He is a cute little fellow. I know what you are going through as last year we got my little sis Bailie. She pretty much killed all out toys, pulled on my ears, etc. She is part of the family now and settled down, but we still have our tiffs with each other over things. Have fun with your little bro. He will be all big and grown before you know it.

  5. Boris is lucky to have you to show him the ropes!

  6. Lovely, beautiful photos

    Thank you for linking up

  7. Oh he is a busy little chap :)

    You're wise to keep special toys safe, Stella never grew out of the killing and de-stuffing phase!

  8. Aww! How fantastic! He is adorable x

  9. Such a happy and much loved boy

  10. Welcome Boris :) We look forward to following your adventures and watching you grow up. Milo & Jet

  11. SO cute!! But what a monkey!

  12. Why must they always pull out the stuffing? RIP Chunky Monkey. And Boris... you're very handsome :)

  13. Glad to hear Boris is settling in well.

  14. Oh, Boris, what a cutie-pie you were and sooo little! Thanks for adding this older post to #AnimalTales

  15. Hi Boris - I am guessing as this post was orginally written in 2014 that you are not so little anymore! I have just aquired a new puppy called Cooper who has a Monkey toy - so far he is still surviving intact but I fear it won't be long...#AnimalTales


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