29 December 2015

Moving Forward - Life After Badger Boo

Hello everpawdy, hope you all had a pawtastic Christmas. 
As you've probably noticed I've made some changes to the blog, a new year equals a new start.

Things have been difficult for The Olds since Badger Boo left us for The Rainbow Bridge in August.

Mum hasn't been able to face the blog as it contains so many memories of Badger Boo, she's thought about starting my own blog for me, but thankfully in the end decided to edit this one so she can still look back on the memories when she feels up to it. 

The url has also changed so you'll need to change wherever you've saved or bookmarked our blog so you can find us. Mum decided to change the name and colour scheme to make it more personal too me.

So much has happened which I'm excited to tell you about, but until then you can catch up with some of what I've been getting up to on my facebook page.

Wishing everypawdy a Happy New Year and I hope you like the new name and look.


  1. Will follow you through every muddy puddle and all your little steps to becoming a great assistance dog to your Mummy. I feel the same losing Jacques the Cat after 17 years has been tough but Miss Socks is so loving she is obsessed by attacking the washing and scattering socks through the house her name is most apt lots of love xxx

    1. Thank you Ms Pupcat, it's such a sad thing to lose a special member of the family, pleased to hear your also starting to move forward slowly with Miss Socks. I'm sure Jacques and Badger Boo are the best of friends up there at the Rainbow Bridge xxx

  2. Ah! Finally I can post. Wonderful blog dear Boris!!! I love to keep up with your adventures, just as I did dear Badger Boo!!

    1. You hold a special place in our hearts Betsy, who'd have imagined that blogging would bring us together to become the best of friends, love to you and Nellie xxx

  3. Aw, I know how difficult it is when loved ones leave us and I think you are so right to keep the blog with all the memories it holds and use it as a springboard to a whole set of new memories! Bon courage as we say over here in France!

    1. Thank you, we have many stories to share, and hope to start linking up again this week xxx


Thank you so much for stopping by, we love comments and making new friends whilst discovering new blogs.

Having had such a long break from blogging after we lost Badger Boo the star of this blog, we're excited to be back once again.

For the longest time we toyed with the idea of leaving the format the same, but in the end we realised it was that which was holding us back, it was just too hard with so many memories attached.

We're enjoying finding our way around all the different Blog Hops again, discovering new friends as well as catching up with some old ones too x