24 January 2016

What We've Been Up Too

Gosh where do I start?
Since we lost Badger Boo in August last year, so much has happened.
 I've been doing lots of training. 
Most of it serious stuff

Practicing Down from a Distance on our walk tonight.
Posted by What Boris Did Next on Monday, 16 November 2015

Some of it fun stuff.

Just got back from my Agility taster session, I had great fun once I realised I had to jump over the fences not go under them BOL #SillyPup
Posted by What Boris Did Next on Sunday, 23 August 2015

But all the time working towards my ambition to become mums Assistance Dog.

I passed my Bronze Kennel Club Good Citizens Award along with my brother Dylan.

I did some training in lots of different places that were fun and exciting, to get used to different experiences.

Authors Note:-

This post has been heavily edited to remove the last part of this post, we are no longer associated with the organisation that was originally written about. 

Due to the position I was put in where I felt I had to leave, I want no sign or mention of them on this blog or to be associated with them in any way.


  1. What an amazing thing to do!
    So sorry to hear about Badger Boo :(

  2. Sorry to hear your sad news, but lovely to see Boris happy in his work. Keep it up, fella, you're doing great!

  3. So sorry to hear about Badger Boo

    Thank you for linking up

  4. Oh that is sad about Badger Boo. Boris is doing so well and such a beautiful boy xx

  5. Sorry to hear about Badger Boo, but congrats on Level 1

  6. So good to see you blogging again. What a lovely catch up. You and Boris make a great team x.

  7. I never realised you were a working dog and what a great job you are learning there - keep at it and make you Mum so proud of you!
    Many thanks for joining in with #AnimalTales - Badger Boo may no longer walk by your side but he will never be forgotten :)

  8. what an amazing scheme and so lovely to be able to get out and about with support from your dog

  9. What a great job you are doing Boris!


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