19 August 2017

Letter From the Heart

Dear friends and fans,

Two years ago today we lost the star of this blog our sweet Badger Boo, we were totally devastated. I couldn't face his pictures and everybodies condolences so decided to take a month off from blogging, one month soon became two and then three and so on and so on, I managed a couple of vague posts but my heart just wasn't in it any more.

Badger Boo was such a character that's for sure, so very, very naughty but not in a bad way. He was always making us and others laugh with his daft antics, these soon became known as this blog "Badger Boo's Daft Adventures" and we made so many wonderful friends.

We still miss him like it was only yesterday, but slowly we're able to remember his adventures with more joy and less tears, sometimes even laughing about the things he got up too.

To catch up on Badger Boo's early life before social media, you may remember he started the mini series within this blog, the baton has now been passed to Boris to continue the back story series of adventures you've missed, the name of this blog has been changed to accommodate Boris

Boris is eagerly looking forward to telling you how he's helped us with the loss of Badger Boo and how he's become an important part of my life as my Assistance Dog.

So much has happened in the past two years, so as well as posting Boris's adventures he'll also be posting his own mini series so you can all catch up on what he's been up to whilst we've been away.

As to what Boris's mini series will be called I'm still struggling with a title at the moment, hopefully some of our awesome friends and fans will have some ideas.

Apologies that I've been quiet for so long, but really looking forward to catching up with everybody again.

Dawn xxx


  1. So glad you feel able to continue your blog looking forward to reading it I loved Badger Boo I keep a picture of him in my favourite pictures and now we have the handsome Boris xxx

  2. You have to do what is right for you, and if you need to get away from the blog, then you do that. When the time is right to jump back in, you will know.

  3. Blogging must be in the air again. Lovely to see two of my favourite blogs with new posts. That is a fabulous photo of you and Boris, Dawn x.


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