23 June 2020

Yes We're Back

Welcome to our new and updated blog, I'm so sorry it's been left so long since our last posting, so much has happened and I can't wait to tell you all about it.

First let me introduce you to Eko, like me he's a Working Cocker and he's the crazy part of our new blog name, mum is convinced he's Badger Boo reincarnated

Photo Description:- Eko and Boris sitting side by side in town 

We've have so many exciting adventures, not only will we be posting about what we're up too regularly, we'll also be running a new generation of the stories alongside this blog for the adventures you've already missed 

We have to dash off now for our walk before it gets too warm, we look forward to catching up with everypawdy again very soon

Boris & Eko


  1. Anonymous23 June, 2020

    So pleased to see you back on Blogger again have really missed your entertaining story's.

    Amy and Jimmy xx

    1. Thank you so much Amy it's great to be back, we have so much news to tell, hope yourself and Jimmy are keeping well xxx


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