07 November 2020

Wet Start to November

WOW what a wet start we've had to November!
Not that we mind being spaniels of course, but mum isn't a fan of  the wet weather at all **muffled giggles behind paws**

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Photo Description:- Boris and Eko standing wrist deep in a dark mucky puddle wearing their green wetsuits, Boris is in the foreground with Eko behind him
How we love this time of year
Our all time favourite puddle is back to full capacity again
**does a happy dance**

It's rained most days this week which means all the puddles are really mucky at the moment, for us that means walks are the best fun ever, sadly mum always insists on washing the mud off once we get home **sobs**

Now the bracken is dying back it's time for Boris to start wearing his wetsuit from Country Mun Dogwear again. It protects the massive bald patch of scars under his chest from getting injured, dead bracken is surprisingly sharp at this time of year.

Photo Descriptions:- Individual photos of Boris and Eko standing wrist deep in dark mucky puddles wearing their green wetsuits and looking up at the camera
How Boris developed this scar is a long story for another post, it'll be added to our catch up series which will be very much like the stories that Badger Boo used to tell of his life before social media.

We just have to think of a name for for the series, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
As well as keeping you updated on all of our adventures, we will also be doing reviews of all our favourite products and sharing any discount codes we have to save our friends and fans some money

Until next time
Boris and Eko



  1. Really great to see you're back blogging again and looking forward to finding out more about what you've been up too since you stopeed. Call the new series Have you missed us

    1. Awwww thank you that's so lovely to hear, the name is great too, just a little too long for a blog badge, but do keep the ideas coming as my minds a blank what to call it, as there's nothing else like Jackanory to name the stories after xxx


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