30 November 2020

Jackanory Part 10:- Where has the time gone!

I can't believe I'm 6 years old and it's been 5 years since we dropped off the face of the blogging world after losing the star of our blog, my little big brother Badger Boo who originally started this blog by telling tales of his daft adventures

Photo Description - Boris a black Cocker Spaniel sitting sitting on old suitcases looking at a typewriter, with his paws in the typing position
To those that are new here the Jackanory Stories ran alongside the main blog to catch up on any missing areas of Badger Boo's life prior to him
joining social media. I planned on doing a series of mine and Eko's missing years in a similar way but **scratches head** I just couldn't think of a new name that would work, so decided to continue with the Jackanory theme, that way everypawdy can find all the missing years since the start of ours and Badger Boo's social media adventures.

I'll now hand over the story to mum to tell you a bit more about me before the Jackanory Story kicks off properly at some point with
Part 11

Boris xxx

Hello and welcome I'm Dawn
 I'm not sure where to start, so the beginning of my journey to eventually finding Boris seems the best point as it's the beginning of his story too

Our time together has literally flown by
Boris is so special and he saved my life at a time when I was on a rapid downward spiral into depression

I'd not long been medically retired from the job I loved of 13 years after an accident at work had left me disabled. 
I could no longer do the job I was trained for and I couldn't find another as I had no qualifications, I'd left school at 15 and hadn't taken any exams

The world of job seeking had dramatically changed since I was last in it.
No longer were jobs advertised in the local paper or a shop window where you'd either phone up or go inside and ask about it, have an interview there and then and be told Yes or No.
Now you needed something called a CV where my lack of education and age were clear for all to see and no doubt added to file 13 immediately upon receipt.

Constant rejection is so debilitating it changes your mindset drastically, after a while I started to feel my life had no point to it

I've no idea how I ended out on the KC website that day looking at Cocker Spaniel puppies, but I'm sure glad I did though because that's where I found Boris. 
I'd not had a puppy for 12 years so emailing his breeder was totally alien to me, I had no idea what to say so just told them a bit about my previous dog owning experience and directed them to this blog, after a few emails back and forth I was invited for an interview and to meet the puppies

I was asked many questions by Boris's breeder and had it explained to me how much more high energy Working Cockers are compared to Show Cockers which Badger Boo was. 
I too asked many questions, I wanted to be sure that this person I was potentially going to buy my puppy from was a caring and responsible breeder, not some fly by night night puppy farmer who'd set up shop in a nice rented house and willing to sell me a sick puppy without a care for its welfare.

After our interview I was happy to buy a puppy and she was happy to sell me one
It's important to remember the interview process is a two way street, you want to buy a healthy puppy that's been responsibly bred that has an ongoing lifetime support from its breeder.
Equally the breeder wants to ensure their puppies are going to permanent long term loving homes and they've not been brought on a whim to be discarded once they're past the cute puppy stage, either party can say no at any point if they think the other isn't suitable

A week later we were off to go and pick up our cute little 9 week old Boris and I was about to have my life turned upside down.

I'd forgotten how much work puppies were! 
Boy did you re educate me quickly Boris.

What with the digging up of my lovely garden, the almost constant removal of slugs and stones from your mouth, the endless trips outside every hour on the hour day and night to potty train, it took you weeks to get the hang of toilet training didn't it.
Where did all that poop come from in one so small?

I was exhausted after one week!

We had fun times too though didn't we Boris, over time you started to learn.
We learnt about clicker training together, before long we were on a roll and learning new things every day, you have such a powerful drive to learn and willingness to please it's amazing and I enjoyed teaching you too. 

We had a few problems along the way though didn't we Boris, at only 7 months old you needed surgery on your elbows. Thankfully we have a great insurance policy from Pet Plan, so there was no need to worry about all those thousands of pounds it cost to get you pain free

From day one you became my constant companion, giving me the confidence to go back out into the real world, you gave me a reason to get up early in the mornings and take care of your needs whilst you were quietly taking care of mine

You've helped me to accept my limitations because with you by my side there are no limitations in my life now, only the walls you've helped me to knock down and climb over the rubble to escape my prison

One of our proudest achievements was the day we passed our Public Access assessment with Canine Generated Independence and earned your purple assistance dog vest. It was a long road of training until we made it to be the partnership we are today

All the best super heroes wear a cape, in your case it's a purple one but super hero capes come in many different colours

Photo Description - Boris a black Cocker Spaniel sitting side on to the
camera wearing his purple CGI assistance dog vest
Until next time
Dawn, Boris and Eko


  1. New follower here, loved catching up with Jackanory and finding out about Badger Boo he sounds lovely reading all these posts is like reading a book you should publish

    1. Thank you for following and that's very kind of you to say so, maybe one day who knows xxx

  2. Fun to hear this story! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to getting to know more!

    1. Welcome Marielle and thank you for your comment xxx


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