31 December 2020

Happy New Year

Wishing all our friends and fans a happy New Year

2020 has been the strangest of years for everypawdy and very stressful with Covid19, Lockdown, no meet ups and very few adventures

We've all lost or know somepawdy that's lost either friends or family to this deadly virus, it's been a very bad year and we're sure we're not alone in wanting say goodbye and good riddance to 2020

We couldn't visit our human grandparents over the Christmas period because of the Covid risks and living in a Tier 4 area **sobs** 
Instead we made the best of it at home with mum and dad to keep our extended families safe and healthy so we can once again visit when Covid is defeated.

It's been over 10 months since we last saw any of our human family members and we really, really miss them. Dad has been working from home since Lockdowwn started in March,  mum is stressed as apparently the house is a mess with all his office stuff everywhere

We're luckier than most that dad can work from home, some of our friends haven't got jobs any more

The NHS has been fantastic and working flat out treating everypawdy that's contracted this horrific virus

We've all found a new appreciation for hard working lorry drivers, delivery drivers and many other key workers out there keeping things running because their jobs are essential to the wellbeing of the many

All fingers and paws crossed that in 2021 things can return to some form of normality, that we can all once more get to visit and see our nearest and dearest again

Happy New Year everypawdy and hopefully a much better 2021

Boris and Eko



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