26 April 2021

Why we love Paleo Ridge

We've been feeding Paleo Ridge raw dog food for approx 3 years now when our vet reccomended changing Boris onto a raw diet for his Staph Pseudintermedius skin problem

The Staph Pseudintermedius Bacteria caused so much of Boris's coat to fall out and left him with open sores filled with pus

It was extremely painful for him and he endured over a year of almost daily medicated baths, various steroids and so many different types of antibiotics plus numerous blood and skin tests

Nothing seemed to help for long and relief was often short lived, until one day we saw a new vet who'd recently arrived at our practice. She recognised what it was immediately as her own dog also has this very rare and difficult to diagnose skin condition

We immediately had another round of skin scrapings done and specific culture's were ordered to be grown. We at last had a diagnosis and I was advised to switch Boris to a raw diet with high doses of Omega 3&6

It didn't us take long to decide on Paleo Ridge as they use ethically sourced meat, plus they care for the environment and don't use polystyrene boxs for insulation, all packaging is recyclable

Within a week no more pus was seeping out of Boris's skin and it appeared to be drying out, after approx 3 weeks his fur could be seen growing back again

Boris is rarely troubled by his Staph Pseudintermedius 3 years later and flare ups are infrequent, all thanks to a healthy diet from Paleo Ridge and pure luck that our vet had seen this very rare skin condition before

Dawn, Boris & Eko

Authors Note:- I pay for a slightly discounted food each fortnight, this in no way alters my opinion of Paleo Ridge Raw Food
I was a customer for quite some time before being invited to become a Brand Ambassador
I would never put my name or the Two Crazy Cockers name to a product we don't fully support or believe in 



  1. I feed Paleo Ridge too Frankie absolutely loves it, will use your code on my next order for him, it's great to see you back blogging again. Nicki x

    1. Thank you Nicki that's great to hear xxx


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