04 December 2021

Christmas Blues

This time of year is extremely difficult, on the outside I'm all smiles and Happy Christmas, but on the inside I just can't wait for December to be over

Photo Description:- Boris the Black Cocker Spaniel and Eko the Golden Cocker Spaniel sitting side by side in our kitchen facing the camera. Boris is on the left wearing his Santa hat and Eko is wearing his Reindeer Antlers

For most of my adult life I've opted to work on Christmas Day and avoid it altogether if I can, I find a family Christmas very triggering, all this having to sit around pretending that we all get on and are the perfect family

Since mum's stroke and having to visit her almost everyday to ensure she's OK and sort her medication out is extremely difficult for me as we don't get on, never have and probably never will

I grew up knowing I was the unwanted child, the child that ruined her life and I've never been allowed to forget it, I made my peace with it a long time ago but unfortunately it's something mum likes to remind me about often since her stroke

I've been feeling a bit low lately because of the time of year, hence my posts dropping off a bit, I really want this blog to be a happy place like it used to be when it was Badger Boo's Daft Adventures and not like Me, Myself and I which I'm seriously considering restarting again, it used to really help me writing about my struggles

Anyway enough waffle and feeling sorry for myself, we'll be back again in the New Year and in a better frame of mind

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us all

Dawn, Boris & Eko


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